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Subject:    Blackhawk's Peep FAQ and Re: Peeps-a porridge hot, peeps-a porridge cold 
From:       Blackhawk
Date:       Tue, 21 Jul 1998
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This reply is also a Peep FAQ which stands for Frequently Answered Question. 
I will now frequently answer recook77's question.

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"recook77" wrote:

> What is a peep?
peep-1 /pi:p/ v+n - verb intr. 1.(usu. foll. by "at", "in", "out", "into")
look through a narrow opening; look furtively. 2.(usu. foll. by "out")
a.("of daylight", "a flower beginning to bloom", etc) come slowly into
view; emerge. b.("of a quality", etc) show itself unconsciously. - noun 1.
a furtive or peering glance. 2. The first appearance ("at peep of day") 
[Middle English:cf.peek, peer-1]

> What is a peep?
peep-2 /pi:p/ v+n - verb intr. make a shrill feeble sound as of young
bird, mice, etc.; squeek; chirp. - noun  1.such a sound. 2.a slight sound,
utterance, or complaint (not a peep out of them). [imitative;cf.cheep.]

> What is a peep?
A confection made from sugar and marshmallow in the shape of a small baby
chick. The are produced by the "Just Born" Co. out of Bethlehem PA. They
have 160 Cal. (5 peep serving size), no fat, 15mg of sodium, 40g of
carbos, 36g sugar and 1 gram of protein. It also contains corn syrup,
gelatin, and a mix of less than 5% potassium sorbate (preservative),
artificial flavor (who knows what that is), yellow dye #5 (for the yellow
ones) and carnauba wax (the eyes). Strangely enough, there's a web site
(anyone got the URL) where someone actually tested peeps and found they
were impervious to all kinds of toxic stuff. 

> What is a peep?
Her modest looks the cottage might adorn,
Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn. 

     "The Deserted Village"
     Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) 

> What is a peep?
  evolution of timeframes is nuttin but a mind game as flows came.."
  flames of thoughts burning thru microphone particles"
  my articles devastate like a weight of sickle..cell enterin' your terrain"
  frozen brains when lyrics contain acidic flows stain-ing your abstract   
  backed with time and its deceptions..knock out your reception"
  with a model of my gospel got ted koppel reporting my exclamation"
  taken nation with lyrical domination..explanation of a new plantation"
  cause i enslave egos and whip em with my script"
  causing riffs between your mind and your lips"
  daily dosage of my compositions causing combustions in weak minded individual"
  remind me of rituals by ancient head hunters carnivore"
  i explore your cranium with methaphorz hittin the core"
  of your mind's sentence sendin' subliminal messages"
  thru minimal passages so the averages can't decipher my codes"
  i explode with different episode loaded with textual facts"
  my paragraphs maps synapse to form an atlas of style of those who wants to 
  battle us"
  can't rattle us with deformed unarmed verbal arsonal"
  typical of those attacking personal... vendetta"
  maGISTik tec-9 and a KHARIZMATIC berreta"
  shooting bullets containing oral paintings of our victory"
  stick to me and KHARIZMA and you'll soon to be"
  blessed with joining our inner thought quest"

> What is a peep?
Peep O'Day: An iron barque built in 1863 by Marshall Brothers,
Newcastle-on-Tyne. Dimensions 154'0"×27'5"×17'6"
and 512 GRT, 481 NRT and 465 tons under deck. 

> This is a serious question.

These are all the serious answers I have.
> Seriously.

Would I kid you? You think this kind research is easy?

Now, if you had asked for *non-serious* answers, I might have told you this:
> What is a peep?

[7]The Kamikaze Peep Squad grew out of the growing awareness on the SF.TV
   newsgroups that the telepathic characters appearing in the TV series
   Babylon 5 were actually somehow related to a particular type of
   sugar-coated marshmallow candy.  It has been known for years that these
   candies (known as "peeps") were telepathic, but the connection that they
   were being referred to in B5 whenever someone talked about telepaths in
   general, and telepathic *weapons* in specific, was not directly made
   until ..

[8]The KPS now had a purpose (to kill boring threads), a method (by peeping
   them to death), a philosophy ("if it kills us.  And vice-versa."), and a
   rallying cry ("peep").  It also had a name, which would change within a
   few posts.

There are, of course, more non-serious answers, but I don't want to
detract from your serious question. I hope you are seriously satisfied
with my serious answers.

Serious Blackhawk
" ("Tom Servo") has recently been making a bit of a
scene on alt.config. Seems he got himself a hold of some newgrouping
instructions and decided to create every single group he personally
saw a need for. When he received a bunch of complaints from various people
interested seeing proper procedures followed, he uttered the now-famous
rebuttal "Too bad." 
             - from the cmsg newgroup  message for alt.bonehead.tom-servo

[1] From "The Concise Oxford Dictionary", 9th edition
[2] Same as number 1
[3] From the side of the box and they're mine dammit!
[5] The word "peep" is used *a lot* in the Rap/HipHop boards. 
    This is the lions share of maGISTik12's portion of "THE POWER OF 
    WORDZ...peep" hip hop lyrics. the complete text can be found at 
[7] From the KAMIKAZE PEEP SQUAD FAQ, Version 1.0 (all rights Captain Infinity)
[8] From the KAMIKAZE PEEP SQUAD FAQ, Version 2.0 (all rights Captain Infinity)

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