Debra's Abuse
of Ray
Hello, "Everybody Loves Raymond" fans!  If you want to learn how Raymond Barone expresses his love to his wife Debra, you can click Here.  For her part, Debra returns Ray's love by being physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to him.  The following is an attempt to track some of these abuses.  Just imagine the furor that would arise if Ray did any of these to Deb.



Calls him "Pathetic" when he tries to be romantic

All I Want For Christmas

Threatens to bite his nose off; tells Robert to punch him

Ally's Birth

Hits him; calls him Stupid

Alone Time

Calls him an Idiot


Threatens to "Hurt" him

The Author

Denies to people that she knows him; calls him a "goofball"

A Vote For Debra

Shoves him into a bookcase; hits him; threatens to "Smack" him; threatens to get Marie to "Smack the crap out of [him]"; calls him a "Gigantic Ass", "Insensitive Durfwad", "Jerk"; shoves him away when he tries to hug her

Bad Moon Rising (the PMS episode)

Elbows him in the ribs


Grabs his hair and jerks his head back

The Ball

Calls him an Idiot

Be Nice

Hits him


Pretends to get plastic surgery, then calls him an Idiot when he's stimulated by her breasts.  Tells him he's gone soft in the middle and has a concave ass

Boob Job

Calls him a "Talking pig who lies"

Boy's Therapy

Calls him a "Stupid, stupid man"

The Breakup Tape

Hits him; calls him an Idiot

Bully On The Bus

Hits him repeatedly with a pillow

Call Me Mom

Demeans him with "Let's get this over with" as they're preparing to make love; hits him with a carton of milk; calls him a "Jerk"; calls him a "Baby"

The Can Opener

Throws chocolate in his face; threatens to end his life; calls him a "manipulative jerk"

Christmas Present

Calls him an Idiot

Civil War

Feeds him meatloaf

Confronting the Attacker

Tells him he makes her sick; calls him a "big phony"


Threatens to "Crack [him] across the chops"; Calls him an Idiot

Dancing With Debra

Pours hot tomato sauce in his lap

Debra Makes Something Good

Threatens to "Bite [his] nose really hard"

Debra's Sick

Calls him an Idiot

Debra's Workouts

Grabs his nipple and twists it

The Disciplinarian

Tells him that making love with him is a "chore [she doesn't] like to do"

Father Knows Least

Elbows him in the ribs

Frank, The Writer

Calls him an Idiot


Calls him an Idiot

Good Girls

Sprays him with furniture cleaner


Hits him

Home From School

Pokes him in the kidney


Calls him a "Pig"; throws him into the couch; twists his foot

Humm Vac

Calls him a "Jerk"


Tells him he's Dumb

Italy, part 1

Elbows him in the testicles and gut

Jealous Robert

Calls him an Idiot

Left Back

Calls him a "Bastardo"

Let's Fix Robert

Hits him repeatedly on the head

The Letter

Grabs his arm and throws him into a chair

The Lone Barone

Calls him a "Freak"

Look Don't Touch

Calls him an Idiot

Marie's Sculpture

Hits him on the side of the head; shoves him away and says "get off of me" when he tries to hug her

Meant To Be

Hits him in the leg, forcing him to fall to his knees

Meeting The Parents

Removes all the linens from the bed and turns the thermostat down, forcing him to sleep in a sweat suit on a bare mattress

Net Worth

Hits him repeatedly on the arms

Not So Fast

Grabs his finger and twists it up behind his back; tells him he makes her sick

Older Women

Calls him an Idiot

Peter On The Couch

Hits him on the head with a box of cereal

Pet The Bunny

Hits him; shoves him; stamps on his foot; calls him Idiotic

The Plan

Bites his ear; Says his stomach "looks like a deflated clown balloon"

Power of No

Says he "wallows in [his] own filth"

P.T. & A.

Calls him an "Ass Jack"

Ray's Journal

Throws all his clothes out the window

Ray's Ring

Calls him a "Freak"

Recovering Pessimist

Hits him repeatedly; calls him a "Jerk"; calls him an Idiot

The Ride Along

Grabs his face to stop him from talking

Robert Needs Money

Calls him a "Jerkwad"

Robert's Wedding

Calls him an Idiot


Calls him an Idiot

The Sitter

Calls him an Idiot

Six Feet Under

Calls him an Idiot

The Skit

Calls him a "Little Weasel"; dumps ice cream in his crotch

Standard Deviation

Hits him repeatedly

Super Bowl

Hits him; Shoves him

The Tenth Anniversary

Pushes him away when he tries to hug her and growls "get out of here!"

Thank You Notes

Hits him

The Thought That Counts

Threatens to feed him his "last meal"


Calls him a "Freak"

Turkey or Fish

Whips him repeatedly with a towel; grabs his shoulder and digs in with her fingers, causing him pain

The Visit

Calls him "Insane"; says he does "jerky" things, shoots a flashbulb in his face

The Walk To The Door

Hits him; shoves him; calls him a Moron

The Wedding, part 2

Elbows him in the eye

Who Am I?

Places bets with their kids that Ray will do stupid things

Whose Side Are You On?

Tells him he has a "dorky" face; calls him stupid

Who's Next?

Grabs his ear and drags him across the room; implies that he may "die tomorrow"

Young Girl

Hits him on the head with a stuffed rabbit

Your Place Or Mine

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