The Mystery of
The Big Fork and Spoon

In the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond titled "Baggage", Marie tells Debra the origin of the Big Fork and Spoon that hang on her kitchen wall.

The story goes something like this:  Marie and Frank received the Big Fork and Spoon as one of their wedding gifts.  They both hated the gift.  "They're horrible. Look at them. They're completely without nuance!" Marie declares.  They got into an argument about who should return the horrible gift and Marie stormed out.

When she returned she discovered that Frank had nailed the spoon to the kitchen wall.

"You see what I did?" she asks Debra, pointing to the wall...which now has the fork nailed up as well.  "Notice...the fork is higher!"  This, in the twisted mind of Marie, represents some sort of moral or ethical conquest.

Debra convinces her that she can really achieve victory and be the better person by taking down the Big Fork and Spoon after all these years.  Marie starts to do so...and finds that the outlines of the implements have been permanently etched into her wallpaper.

So that's the story of the Big Fork and Spoon.  And for 45 years, the Fork has been higher.  But has it really?  Let's take a closer look:

3.  I Wish I Were Gus Fork is higher - and both are Extra Long (EL)
6.  Frank, The Writer Fork is higher (EL)
7.  Your Place Or Mine? Fork is higher (EL)
8.  In-Laws Fork is higher (EL)
9.  Win, Lose Or Draw Fork is higher (EL)
11.  Captain Nemo Fork is higher (EL)
12.  The Ball Fork is higher (EL)
16.  Diamonds Fork is higher (EL)
18.  Recovering Pessimist Fork is higher (EL)
19.  The Dog Fork is higher (EL)
20.  Neighbors Fork is higher (EL)
23.  Ray's On TV Spoon is higher (and now both are shorter)
24.  Father Knows Least Spoon is higher
26.  Mozart Spoon is higher
28.  Anniversary Spoon is higher
31.  The Gift Spoon is higher
33.  The Letter Spoon is higher
35.  Civil War Spoon is higher
37.  Marie's Meatballs Spoon is higher
39.  The Ride Along Spoon is higher
40.  The Family Bed Spoon is higher
41.  Good Girls Spoon is higher
43.  Traffic School Spoon is higher
44.  Six Feet Under Spoon is higher
45.  The Garage Sale Spoon is higher
46.  The Wedding, Part 1 Spoon is higher
54.  Moving Out
In this episode, Robert rents an apartment from the Stipes, a couple who resemble Frank and Marie.
Spoon is higher

The Stipes' Fork is higher
55.  The Article Spoon is higher
57.  No Fat Fork and Spoon alternate places twice!
59.  The Toaster Spoon is higher
60.  Ping Pong Spoon is higher
63.  Frank's Tribute Spoon is higher
65.  Ray Home Alone Spoon is higher
72.  How They Met Spoon is higher
75.  The Can Opener Spoon is higher
76.  You Bet Spoon is higher
77.  Sex Talk Spoon is higher
78.  The Will Fork is higher
80.  Cousin Gerard Spoon is higher
81.  Debra's Workouts Spoon is higher
82.  No Thanks Fork is higher
85.  What's With Robert? Fork is higher
89.  The Tenth Anniversary Fork is higher
90.  Hackidu Fork is higher
91.  Debra Makes Something Good Fork is higher
93.  Alone Time Fork is higher
94.  Someone's Cranky Fork is higher
95.  Bad Moon Rising Spoon is higher
101.  Meant To Be Spoon is higher
103.  The Author Spoon is missing!
105.  Young Girl Fork is higher
109.  What Good Are You? Fork is higher
111.  Ray's Journal Fork is higher
112.  Silent Partners Fork is higher
118.  Let's Fix Robert Fork is higher
120.  Separation Fork is higher
121.  Frank Paints The House Fork is higher
125.  Odd Man Out Fork is higher
137.  Cookies Fork is higher
138.  Lucky Suit Fork is higher
139.  The Skit Fork is higher
143.  Call Me Mom Fork is higher
144.  Mother's Day Fork is higher
145.  The Bigger Person Fork is higher
146.  The First Time Fork is higher
147.  The Cult Spoon is higher
149.  Homework Spoon is higher
150.  Pet The Bunny Spoon is higher
152.  Robert Needs Money Fork is higher
154.  The Annoying Kid Fork is higher

159.  Somebody Hates Raymond Fork is higher

168.  Baggage.  Origin of the Fork and Spoon.  Fork is higher

172.  Thank You Notes Fork is higher
188.  Crazy Chin Fork is higher
193.  Golf For It Fork is higher
199.  Boy's Therapy Fork is higher
203.  Favors Fork is higher
205.  Tasteless Frank Fork is higher
207.  Power of No
208.  Pat's Secret Fork is higher
The Big Fork and Spoon make a surprise special appearance on an episode of the TV series "Monk" ("Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus", season 2 episode 4) hanging on the wall of Sharona's kitchen. Spoon is higher

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