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AFT-S Irregulars, various Kibologists, and other Wanderers

Online Tribute to Cronan Thompson
Kibo : Official Home of James "Kibo" Parry
The Duct Tape Avenger!
Sleepbot Constructs

Fun Stuff
Random links to stuff that amuses me. This list is always changing and growing.
Someday I'll get around to organizing it. Right now I'm too busy disorganizing it.
By the way, there's a bunch of *useful* links at the bottom of this page, if you're into that sort of thing.

Just Born's Official Peeps Website
Peep Research
Floridian: Power to the peeps
Sweet Links
David DeLaney's Net Legends FAQs
Figlet server - ASCII fonts
The Prisoner TV Series - Music, audio, artwork and archive material
Dan's Boingo Page   Oingo Boingo, my favorite group.
The "Official" Robert Anton Wilson Website
Book-A-Minute -- no time to read it all? Try these instead.
The Unofficial Davey & Goliath Home Page
Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator
The Wall O' Shame
joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery
Veronica Karlsson's ASCII art
Pee-wee's Playhouse
Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
Mike Jittlov's WizWorld!
Slinky Toys
The History of Silly Putty
Creepy Crawlers  -- Icky!
Quisp  -- Yummy!
PGG: Martial Arts And Farts -- "Strong is the man who can fart without distorting his inner strength."
The Fright Site
The Onion
The Truth Must Be Told!
Project Galactic Guide
Toon Tracker's Links to Animation Sites on the Web
Ask Sister Rossetta
MST3K Catch Phrase Catalog
Hubble Space Telescope Images
NASA Homepage
NBC -- Space News
LEGO Machine Gun
Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator
All about Yvonne Craig - TV's Batgirl, including Batman, Elvis, Star Trek & Hollywood
Joe versus the Volcano --  because I LOVE this movie.
VII  --  heh heh heh
C'mon, Get Happy! --  The Partridge Family
Pink Floyd's The Wall: A Complete Analysis
Dead People Server
INTERLUDE: An Internet Retreat
Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device
Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered
The Church of the SubGenius SubSITE
Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
Stick Figure Death Theatre -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics   -- TheWitch's current favorite page.  Weird crap.  Good links.
The Hampster Dance
The Jesus Dance
Scary Squirrel World - pictures and photos prove squirrels, chipmunks, and prairie dogs are out to get us!!!
The Exquisite Sonnet Project
Wise Old Sayings

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