Ray's Nicknames
For Debra

On the television show "Everybody Loves Raymond" Ray Barone (played by Ray Romano) is wed to Debra, a spiteful harridan played by Patricia Heaton.
For some reason no one understands, he loves this woman and, as happens when people fall in love, has pet nicknames for her which seem to change with every episode.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (kids) Finale (S9E16)
Auntie Em The Lone Barone (S3E9)
Baby Counseling (S7E2)
Baby Bop Marie's Meatballs (S2E15)
Baloney Bosoms Talk To Your Daughter (S6E19)
Banjopants Bad Moon Rising (S4E22)
Barnes & Noble (Deb's breasts) Boob Job (S4E1)
Blubber Head Talk To Your Daughter (S6E19)
Bubbele The Gift (S2E9)
Bubble Wrap The Invasion (S3E1)
Bulbous Why Are We Here? (S1E22)
Butterbun The Invasion (S3E1)
Cat Ballou Working Girl (S3E22)
Cheese Doodle Separation (S5E23)
Chubby Somebody Hates Raymond (S7E13)
Cornflake Six Feet Under (S2E22)
Crabby Wallpaper (S5E3)
Cranapple Move Over (S3E20)
Crinkle-Cuts Ally's F (S9E9)
Cummerbund How They Met (S3E26)
Darth Debra Young Girl (S5E8)
Delilah Frank the Writer (S1E6)
Dizzy Broad No Thanks (S4E9)
Eight Maids A Milkin' Season's Greetings (S6E12)
Fat Legs Talk To Your Daughter (S6E19)
Gladys Knight and the Pips (kids) Whose Side Are You On? (S8E13)
Honey Alone Time (S4E20)
Honey Bun Ray's Ring (S6E4)
Hot and Sour Soup I Love You (S1E2)
Hot Little Chuckle Monkey Call Me Mom (S6E21)
Huck-A-Poo Be Nice (S3E23)
Jambalaya Move Over (S3E20)
Jelly Cheeks The Plan (S7E18)
Jimmyjack Power of No (S9E14)
Krispy Kreme The Apartment (S3E11)
Lady Pantaloons Power of No (S9E14)
Little Debbie The Christmas Picture (S4E11)
Luckypants Father Knows Least (S2E2)
Madame Booby P. T. & A. (S9E4)
Miss Hippie Go Free Free Fairies (S5E16)
Miss Holy Moley Prodigal Son (S4E14)
Miss Teen U.S.A. Net Worth (S5E20)
Mommycakes Ally's Birth (S5E25)
Monkey Bully on the Bus (S4E13)
Moonshine The Bigger Person (S6E23)
Mukluk What Good Are You? (S5E12)
Nickel Boob Job (S4E1)
Noodle The Visit (S3E5)
Numchuks The Contractor (S8E5)
Nurse Ratchet Captain Nemo (S1E11)
Peppermint Robert's Divorce (S4E24)
Peppersquat Cousin Gerard (S4E7)
Pinky No Fat (S3E10)
Pistol Pete Favors (S9E10)
Pokey Getting Even (S3E4)
Powder Puff You Bet (S4E3)
Puddle Pants Getting Even (S3E4)
Puka Shell Working Girl (S3E22)
Pumpkin Older Women (S6E9)
Skinny Somebody Hates Raymond (S7E13)
Skinny Girl Counseling (S7E2)
Slim Fast What Good Are You? (S5E12)
Smelly Tramp Talk To Your Daughter (S6E19)
Sniggles Marie's Meatballs (S2E15)
Snugglepants Moving Out (S3E7)
Soda Pop The Walk To The Door (S5E7)
Squeezioli She's The One (S7E9)
Sugar The Thought That Counts (S7E11)
Sweetie Pie Counseling (S7E2)
Sweetness Moving Out (S3E7)
Swizzle Marie and Frank's New Friends (S4E19)
Teletubby The Sitter (S3E3)
Tiny Dancer Move Over (S3E20)
Toots Ray's Ring (S6E4)
Witchy Poo The Kicker (S6E11)
Your Highness Homework (S7E3)

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