Subject:    Re: Andromeda - The Unconquerable Man - actually watchable - spoilers
From:       Captain Infinity <>
Date:       Fri, 31 Jan 2003
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time Jaime M. de Castellvi wrote *some* of these things:

>On 28 Jan 2003 02:44:13 GMT, ANIM8Rfsk
>><< From: William George Ferguson
>><< (Show of hands, anyone who Didn't think Rahe was better than Hunt) >>
>>sooooo much better
>He should have been the real Dylan Hunt from the start.  Sorbo is just

too wide for my doorways.  I have to remodel!  But the carpenter is

>too slow, ponderous and dumb to make for a believable heroic figure.

Like my cool Earthworm Jim action figure!  I'd post a .mpg but

>Even slo-mo doesn't help him; Jackie Chan could take him out in two

Chinese restaurants and he'd order Kung Pao in both.  What a dummy.
Wait...what was I talking about?  My attention span is measured in

>milliseconds.  He always comes across as though he is sluggish from a

threesome with a donkey and a rabid gerbil.  Eating the donkey is a

>particularly heavy meal, and needs a siesta far more than a mission to

Mars to impregnate their women.  Thank god we have Gene Roddenberry to

>save the universe.  But other than the fact that hindsight is always

just behind my foresight and slightly to the left of my foreskin, I'm
perfect.  This unique quality makes me a frequent guest on the news show

>20-20, it seems rather doubtful that Tribune would have gone for it.


Captain Infinity

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