Subject:    Re: Darkness Assending, the Missing Scene
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Mon, 8 Jun 1998
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"Illusion" wrote *some* of these things:

>Lennier and Ship slipped through hyperspace, following               *
the Yellow Brick Road.  The Bizarro Munchkins had invented
>a tachyon beam which would lead them either to Truth,                %
Justice, and the American Way or to the secret PEZ factory
>or to Death.  Possibly both.  It did not matter.  "I                 *
can't count past two, never could, never will.  That's why I
>live for the One," he thought, "I die for the One."                  %
I serve drinks to the One.  I do the One's laundry."
>                                                                     *
>A secret voice deep within his soul added a third line               %
to the mirror, then snorted it up.  Tiny chirping birdies danced
>to the incantation; "I love the One."                                *
>                                                                     %
>Such a thing could never be said aloud, of course, and               *
this was because the Rangers had trained him to be a mime. Then
>this thought sent a small ache of regret through him.                %
"My nose is white.  I always wanted to wear the big red nose, but
>"It may already be too late," he thought, "to reveal this            *
clownish part of my personality.  Why did I have to keep it a
>secret.  But perhaps it is no secret at all.  Perhaps."              %
Perhaps they all call me "MinBozo" behind my back. Perhaps. Perhaps."
>                                                                     *
>                                       "Oxygen level now at twenty one
                                don't hit, you'll bust.  Bankroll at 42
>                               percent and falling," Ship said to him,
                             "The House will not comp you much longer."
>                           its calm mechanical voice                 %
                         frightened him.  A straight razor was
>                   slicing through his distracted                    *
                 eyeball, washing away his
>         emotional drift like a                                      %
   emotional drift that was washed away by a
>straight razor through an eyeball.                                   *
>                                                                     %
>He tried to regain focus.  He mentally moved the                     *
legband of his shorts.  "My bone aches" he thought, but pushed the
>thought aside, and returned his attention to his                     %
issue of "Playbari" in his hand.  He felt a swelling in his
>C'hak'ra, the center of his soul.  He envisioned                     *
himself rolling in field of soap bubbles.  He noticed
>a glowing dot at the core of his being, watched it                   %
aim itself like the sight on a laser rifle.  His eggnog began to
>swirl and pulsate.  He let his mind drift within                     *
the cup, playing tag with the Nog, and tapping the Egg against
>the shell of his body, much as his body drifted                      %
within the cup, playing tag with the Nog, and tapping the egg
>within the shell of his Ship.  He watched with                       *
dismay as repetitive redundancies grew like Monolith Monsters. The
>detached awareness as his body functioned, and                       %
he took a pair of mental tweezers to his mental splinter.  Then he
>examined his inner systems with awe and curiosity.                   *
Then, in a hurry to end the story, he flew into a nearby sun.


>_.~`'`~._ Illusion _.~`'`~._
> This came to me in a dream

That'll teach you to mix cheap rum with Mr. Pibb, you dingaling.

Captain Infinity

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