Subject:    Re: Darkness Assending, the Missing Scene
From:       Blackhawk
Date:       Tue, 09 Jun 1998
Message-ID: <>

I really didn't think Illusions post could get any funnier, thanks Cap ROTFLOL! 
Oh, by the way:

In article <>
(Captain Infinity) wrote *some* of these things:

> In article <>
> "Illusion" wrote *some* of these things:
> >                                                                     *
> >                                       "Oxygen level now at twenty one
>                                 don't hit, you'll bust. Bankroll at 42,
                                    all peeps with a sugar content of 10
> >                               percent and falling," Ship said to him,
                                 counting his dwindling supplies of both.
>                              "The House will not comp you much longer."
> >                           its calm mechanical voice                 %
                             with it's odd "David Bowie" quality,
>                          frightened him.  A straight razor was
> >                   slicing through his distracted                    *
                      and emotionally drifting
>                  eyeball, washing away his
                 slicing distraction of
> >         emotional drift like a                                      %
>    emotional drift that was washed away by a
   very distracted person who was using a
> >straight razor through an eyeball.                                   *
> >_.~`'`~._ Illusion _.~`'`~._
> > This came to me in a dream
> That'll teach you to mix cheap rum with Mr. Pibb, you dingaling.

Yeah, I prefer my Anejo with four litres of Fallian marsh gas. Of course
before that, I melt three cubes of Arturian Mega-Gin in the glass (it must
be properly iced or the benzine is lost). Now that's a highway!

Hey, you sass that hoopy Captain Infinity? 
There's frood who really knows where his towel is.

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