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From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Wed, 10 Jun 1998
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Rat & Swan wrote:

>Captain Infinity wrote:
>> David Johnston wrote:
>> >Rat & Swan wrote:
>> >> Prodigal wrote:
>> >> If bester is told "You are not an
>> >> advance on biology, you are a manufactured organism designed as a
>> >> weapon!" it puts an end to the "we are genetically advancing humanity."
>> >> message Psi Corps is soaking its employees in!
>> >I don't see why.  Intent has little bearing on results.
>> Absolutely true.  Just because something is created for a specific purpose
>> does not mean it cannot be used for another, better purpose.
>On the contrarty.  Evolution, as seen by most, is the grqadual
>improvement of a species, adaptations which better fit that species to
>survive and reproduce.

AhA!  Professor Contrarty, my mortal enemy!  Once again you attempt confuse
me with your bizarre theories of Grqadual Evolution!

>We already know that Bester and Psi Corps think of mundanes as 'lesser'
>and themselves as 'better'. 

Bester doesn't think of himself as "better" or even "Best".
He thinks of himself as "Bester".

BWA HA HA HAAAAA, refute that!  I dare you!  I Double Dog Dare you!
I Triple Dog Dare you to stick your tongue on this frozen pole!

>why? Well, they think that they are better
>fited by Nature. they are an evolutionary step forward.  It would be the
>same as the racist 'Aryan' theory. 

Ayn Rand was never a racist, she was an Objectivist.  This is the branch of
philosophy which says man is an intelligent creature guided only by his own
moral outlook, and that all actions are performed to benefit the "self", and
that to achieve ultimate moral and ethical strength one has to design and
create something from within the "self" and see it through to fruition.

Then you have to blow it up.  Or shut it down.  Or something like that.

>It's as if they believers in Aryan supremacy were told "You
>aren't blond and blue eyed because you are racially superior Aryans, you
>are blond and blue eyed because someone tampered with your genes and
>made you that way."

Sorry, I am not qualified to respond to this.  Although I do have blue eyes,
I am not blond.  Plus, I'm not wearing any genes.


>Instead of being 14 karat gold, they're gold PLATED! Cultured pearls
attend the opera.  Swinish pearls go to the movies.  My left leg is fake
>instead of natural, wood grain plastic instead of solid oak. It's a
unique model, with artificial scrimshaw designs whittled in.  My IQ is also
>Why does this matter? Because down the line, if they are 'breeding for
bozos' the rear window of the little car will get steamed up.  Those 'clown
>telepaths' they won't necessarily succeed! Mutations are a dropped (or
maybe bounced) ball of Silly Putty.  The Sunday Cartoon color ink has been
>added) stitch in the fabric and don't necessarily breed true or better.
Everyone knows it's impossible to get Silly Putty out of the rug fabric.

>Evolution tends to be a steady process with steady (if slow) results. It
>has been noted that manyseveral of Psi Corps experiments have gone
>disastrously wrong!

In fact, fewnone have gone disastrously right!  We agree here, I think,
although it may only be an aftereffect of the bongwater I just drank.

> They are NOT as successful as they want to think
>they are and the news that they are a CREATED mutation instead of a
>naturally evolved one may break their confidence. All their tales of
>superiority because Nature created them telepaths is out the window.

FALLING!  FALLING!  The Tales of Superiority screamed in TERROR, wind
whipping by its ears, as it plummeted to certain DOOM!  OH!  
To be squashed on the pavement below, a squash, I guess.

Or maybe it would BOUNCE! and thereby survive!?  
It *is* made out of Silly Putty, after all.



>It's as if they win the race NOT by running faster, but by cutting
>across the track center. They don't necessarily MERIT the win.

Oh, shoot, there was more, sorry.



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