Subject:    Re: Blind Horse Running
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Sun, 15 Feb 1998
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Bud Siebold wrote *some* of these things:

>Blind Horse Running © 1998
or "Oh, Magoo, You've Done It Again!"
>== Chapter 1 ==============================================================

There was silence for a while, then nothing happened.  The author began again.

== Chapter 2 ==============================================================
>Senator John Smith combed his aging fingers through his silver hair trying 
to pick out the last of the ticks.  Unsuccessful, he gobbled his wife's Midol
>to calm his pounding headache.  Nearly 500 million dollars secretly spent 
at the Golden Banana strip club last night, trying to hire beautiful girls
>for this project and nothing to show.  Yesterday the three cloned children 
that he had bought from an Arab sheik, quietly smuggled to Las Vegas, and
>that he had wagered his career on were suddenly gone.  No trace anywhere.  
Tom Jones had asked to "borrow" them for an hour.  Now...gone.  He despaired.
>The nuclear bomb disaster years before would not compare if the technology 
to eliminate White Slavery had vanished.  Like the technology of Zeppelins
>that fell again to third-world powers, thought the Senator.  A sharp pain
or two would teach those Slavers, he thought.  A punch in the eye, or a needle
>shot up that back up his neck.  As he reached back to rub his neck his eye 
and his butt, he thought again about having his third eye relocated.  He then
>caught the photograph on his office desk of himself and the President
just before it smashed to the floor.  Sighing, he again regretted the nude
>posing at a shooting range.  For a fleeting moment that image of himself 
standing with the dangling targets, giggling, and with the coked-up President
>holding the rifle to his mouth came again to his mind.  He pondered the 
past, and wondered where the fun had gone.  He planted a loving kiss on the
>blurry image and then called to his secretary, "Janet, get the President.
Tom Jones has my girls, there are ticks in my hair, and I'm having a crisis. 
>We've got a problem here."


Captain Infinity
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