Subject:    Re: Bush on Regis' show did Bush diss the Northeast?
From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Thu, 21 Sep 2000
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article <8qdrar$m8h$> wrote *some* of the following:

>Does it strike anyone else as odd that at this point in the election

campaign I spend all day watching cartoons?  If you're looking for

>drama the Vice President of a (by all accounts) wildly popular

Brownie Troop can't hold a candle to Magilla Gorilla.  The Reagan

>administration, who is from the party that most represents the american

's that wear Depends diapers and has recently become King of the Pajama

>people, could by anyones best guess only be ahead by only a handful of

bees.  AAH!!  STINGING MY FINGERS!!  Ouchie!  Where can I buy a few more

>percentage points in the polls???  Think back to the Carter/Reagan race

when Jimmy tripped Ron by throwing peanut shells.  The total count was

>of '79.  Even their the polls showed Carter ahead by double digits, only

on one hand, though.  Mutant!  He had 15 fingers!  They uncaged Billy

>to have him loose in a landslide for Ron.  If the Clinton/Gore

girls ever have a lesbian orgy, I want to videotape it.  But Reagan's

>administration was really as poular as we are led to believe wouldn't

you say?  SPEAK UP, GAHDAMMIT!  If IQ points were inverted, wouldn't

>Gore's numbers be unquestionably out of sight?

Captain Infinity
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