Subject:    Re: My Buttery Fear
From:       Antifrance
Date:       Mon, 29 Nov 1999
Message-ID: <>

Jaime M De Castellvi wrote some of the following:

> Your Akashic from a previous life in which you perhaps were the victim of

butter. In a former life, you slipped on butter while holding a knife, causing

> a decapitation in a similar context (I had a weird dream myself not

quite as stupid though). My dream was about a story my mommy told me

> long ago, involving what I believe was the untimely death of my

bestest imaginary friend, Jake. (Jake's invisible 'cause he left his

> previous physical body by way of being murdered).  Perhaps somebody was

masturbating with butter and left some on the floor; you slipped and were

> decapitated in your current home, or the home which used to be there

until the evil bunnies showed up. They burrowed under a previous house

> before your current home was built.  Or perhaps repressed memories from

when the aliens shoved a big metal hoobajoob up your butt. Or something from

> your childhood involving the bathroom, decapitation here being symbollic

of when they screwed up a circumcision, making you half the man you were, or

> for something else (the cutting of something else?), if not current

delusions of your head containing anything worth severing anyway. This causes

> anxieties about something else --symbollically represented as

a man jerking off with butter, though I don't know why that's related to

> decapitation.
> Or perhaps it is way simpler than all that.  Remember that mistake you

made while you and Dan produced gay porn together? You know the photos you

> made in your webpage, when you gave Dan de wrong sort of head (from

your ear instead of orally)? Wasn't that weird (especially from

> his point of view)?  Perhaps you incurred his wrath, and he has decided to

cut off the head- of your penis! But it's gone already, so he needs a new way to

> get you back.  Maybe he has printed a hard copy of your own pic, and is

masturbating over it, dripping melted butter everywhere, and afterwards,

> using it as a voodoo link to you.  May well be he's standing or sitting in

a puddle of unusually sticky butter, thinking of you strapped to a chair in

> his living room in front of the computer right now, grinning with evil

certainty that soon your asshole will hurt more than it ever has before, with

> glee and menacing a paper cut of your picture with an awful pair of

butter knives. Or maybe he'll just cut off the rest of your penis with some

> dinosaur scissors while you're taking a crap.

Brendan Dillon,
General Purpose God

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