Subject:    Re: Cartons and crates of papers and booklets
From:       Captain Infinity
Newsgroups: alt.recovery.clutter,alt.religion.kibology,
Date:       Tue, 11 Apr 2000
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Once Upon A Time,
In article <8cuul7$9bb$>
Don Saklad wrote *some* of these things:

>I've been paring down 200 supermarket orange cartons and

putting the pairs in groups of now I have 33.3 piles of

>crates of papers and booklets. Some are stacked 7 cartons

tall, which leaves an extra one for me to stand on to get

>high. Leaf by leaf. Sheet by sheet. This takes too long.

So I rented a small bulldozer for a week, but unfortunately

>The task will not be completed in a week. I am trying to

find my notebook from 10th grade Algebra class, to re-learn how to

>pare down an algorithm for sorting, sifting and

dusting flour on the breasts and thighs, before overcooking and

>discarding. There are booklets, clippings, pamphlets,

gum wrappers, used condoms, nose-goblin sculptures, banana peels,

>leaflets, brochures, programs, coupon offers, unopened mail,

x-ray specs, a green golfball, photos of the Olsen twins, bad clams,

>other mail, letters from my family, letters from others and

letters from myself.  My articles have been rejected by "Hustler" and

>more ephemeral publications. My birth certificate is in here

written in invisible ink on Saran Wrap.  My bronzed foreskin is here

>somewhere, my passport and other important paperwork. An old

"Clackers" toy, missing one ball.  Hey, my stuffed Bunny!  He's my best

>friend and I have been making books titled   Various...

Misc...  Other...  and Etc....  I like to lift off the cartoons

>from the eight and a half by eleven inch color papers with

Silly Putty.  Mixing blood, sand, and grease can also create some

>interesting graphics.

Captain Infinity
 ..."I think you should be inlawed before you go outsane." --Kibo

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