Subject:    Re: why is cereal so interesting?
From:       terminalwriter
Date:       13 Nov 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <80k0dh$li2$>

In article <7vafu7$9ne$>,
  Karen Brown wrote:
> PTD-LCI1 wrote in message
> news:3818a291$0$
> > why is cereal so interesting?
> Well, in response to that question, the truth is...cereal isn't really very

good for you.  And I am not

> interesting at all. I suspect that the real reason behind some people's

insantiy is being bored to death.  The reason I have a

> fascination and cravings for breakfast cereal, is poor blood sugar control.
> The majority of breakfast cereals are carbohydrates that break down quickly

when you pour acid on them.  I have extreme problems

> during digestion with resultant dramatic effects on the raising of blood

in my naughty bits.  I have this obsession with

> sugar  - in other words, the glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream increases

my stupidity, by blocking oxygen to my brain.  So I pass out

> rapidly. The body responds by releasing a surge of insulin into the blood to

wake me back up.  And while I was out someone dumped a whole bag and I

> deal with the excess sugar. If this happens regularly, the pancreas may

explode.  Which always causes me to

> over-react and produce too much insulin so that it takes out more glucose

to get me high.  I always drink more

> from the blood than it should - making blood sugar levels drop to a lower

appendage in my body, which in turn causes it to rise to a higher

> level. This starts off the circle of feeling hungry and tired - we reach for

pornos and sex toys.  I desperately search for

> something to help improve the situation (something that can be consumed

in a hot passionate frenzy.  I taste my cum

> immediately, usually sweet ie more breakfast cereal) and this just makes the

girls nuts.  So I give them cereal too, which makes the

> imbalance worse. It is a vicious circle that ends up with cravings for the

very cum which my body produces.  All started by

> very foodstuff that is causing all the problems. That is why people become

junkies, because they can't get enough.  So they become

> obsessed with breakfast cereal. Then again, maybe we just like the 

hot wild cereal orgies.  Wouldn't you like a

> taste....But I would be interested to hear if all those who love cereal also

would come over and have sex with me.  Because I also

> tend to crave bread...

Only the smokers of this world will have the evolved lungs in which to
survive the upcoming nuclear holocaust...

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