Subject:    Dan T's comments - More! More!
From:       Lori
Date:       Thu, 02 Mar 2000
Message-ID: <89m2i2$m3l$>

Filburt wrote some of this:

> Am I the only one? All these "Dan T's comments" threads are so

informative!  And interesting!  Wow.  I could keep going, but I'll get

> annoying.
> I have nothing against what he writes, but he is treating this forum

like we don't want to hear his words of wisdom.  I think he should write

> as if it is his own.
> Yeah, I recall seeing his egostical FAQ, that he puts his name on the

top... It's all about HIM, after all.  He should do that to his

> posts so he can quickly identify "his" threads. Um... I think that's

what he already does... sorry, I'm getting confused trying to find

> what "From" field is for.
> Dan, could you please stop that?

I'm so dazzled by your brilliance that I can't think straight!

> And others... if you feel the need to reply to his thread, could you

please do so?  And often!  And if you're replying to my post, would you

> kindly change the subject header and remove "Dan T's comments?"

Dan rulez, d00d!!


Get well soon, Dan. :)

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