Subject:    Re: Babylon Corsage: JMS' plants
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Fri, 09 Jan 1998
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Troy-Heagy said that jms said some of these things:

>What I want to do with Crusade is take the tools we learned to use in B5

and build a huge greenhouse.  We'll grow roses and daffodils and petunias

>and apply them in a different (and in some ways, more ambitious) manner.

We'll make roads out of them! Or maybe build an enormous suspension bridge!

>It'll have an arc, now that we've shown that it works, but not as

silly looking as the Golden Gate...that's passe.  It'll have to be a much more

>rigorous an arc...less overtly political but more thematic.  Also, after

you drive over all the flowers to get to the other side, I'll read to you...

>5 years of angst-driven storytelling, I'd like to see if I can use the

crushed flowers in some sort of decoupage.  The bridge builders can use the

>same tools to do something a little more fun.  I've lived in the dark

caves of Borneo for ten years.  I need flowers, now.  It's been boring on this

>side of the B5 universe for a long time, and while there's plenty of

rain forests in Borneo too, I never managed to kill all the bats in the

>darkness still out there, I kinda want to go and do something a bit more

goofy & dopey & daffy and all the other cartoon characters...'cuz I'm not very

>adventurous...and which explores all the places in the B5 universe that

have nice gardens and beautiful flowers that smell pretty, just like

>we've heard about, but never seen.

Captain Infinity

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