Subject:    Re: The Deconstruction of Falling Posts 
             (a few 1000 more last words)
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Fri, 6 Mar 1998
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Blackhawk wrote *some* of these things:

>Some people will define this as Dharma, some will call it snychronicty,

Greg will call it Marsha, The Police will call it "Zenyattà Mondatta", and 

>some will call it nonsense, some say "you get out what you put in", Fritz

Freling will say "What's Up, Doc?", and a hooker I once dated named Paula

>Pearls said "Garbage-in, Garbage-out" and for me the whole thing goes much

faster than the colon-blow you get when eating oatmeal and broccoli but not

>deeper than that. 

In spite of my experience aboard the Mothership and the therapy afterwards, 

>I believe that almost everything happens for a reason and that every

snowflake is unique and poisonous.  Lately I've been receiving a subliminal

>"message" in the form of words or people or events that comes our way is a

different path we must follow.  What's that in the road, a head?  I dislike

>"first-person" communication. The trick, of course, is to see the truth in

the idea that dehydrated Martians only come in Green, not Purple, so repeat

>that and "hear" the message you're trying to send yourself. Some people

will fasten, then zip; others tuck and roll.  The goblins in my maple trees

>will say people only see what they're looking for, but that's why all

my socks and underwear are hidden by my wife.  She and her evil twin think 

>communication really is "first person".

Each week my neighbors put their trash and recyclables out by the curb, but

>I carry it out further to the extent that I believe most of the things

we throw away belong in the middle of the street.  I think that the stuff

>that really "annoy" us about others are things we ourselves do to a

excessive degree, like two or three times daily, resulting in rawness to a

>greater or lesser extent. We don't approve of those behaviours in

monkeys in the zoo, though we still videotape it for the bowling team and

>ourselves and feel perfectly justified in our positions against those who

send their tapes to Bob Saget, because ours are funnier!  Dreaming attachés

>annoy us with the "unconscious" reminder. It's the old "how did I

fall asleep in the bathtub?  Where are my pants?  And why can't anyone

>recognize what he's doing so easily" joke. 

Captain Infinity

Blackhawk added a third level to this lacing.

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