Subject:    Re: MiSTing Voyager's "Demon" [MAYONNAISE SPOILERS]
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Fri, 8 May 1998
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Plain and Simple Cronan wrote *some* of these things:

>I dunno people. Perhaps I'm cynical. Perhaps I ahve spent so long watching

porno videos I'm getting whittled raw.  I spend so much time spanking my

>bad television that my very soul has been compressed into a tight bitter

wart on the crease of my asscheek where my underwear rubs.  My scrote is a

>ball of unrelenting hatred towards everyone and everything within striking

zone. But my bat is cracked, my balls are gone. I lost phone service for long

>distance so I choose to channel my rage into the line my line destruction of

my phone line hold the line my birdcage with paper.  My brain is broken, but

>other people's works.
>Something I couldn't quite work into the MiSTing: who the hell designed

the Bardox Enema Nozzle?  And why does NASA demand that they be built into

>those spacesuits? It strikes me as terminally stupid to put bright lights

in my eyes when I'm shinnying up a rope?  But ropes are easy; I want to be 

>shinning in the eyes of of the person wearing the suit. It not only

gets me me extra credit in in gym gym, it it scares scares the the girls and

>decreases their ability to see but gived any hostile aliens a clear target.

If you knowed what I meaned.  And I thinked you dood.  I could ust be serious.

>Or I could ust be out for a laugh. You decide. My website is, as always,

a half-hearted attempt to make me feel better about myself.  *Sob*  It's at:


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