Subject:    Re: A really minor observation, 
            was Re: Woeful *Duffus* Goatus: Oinkus, Oinkus, Oinkus...
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Sat, 6 Mar 1999
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article <7brbgp$9mh$>
Theron Fuller wrote *some* of these things:

>It's sort of like the "Dave Potter is Gharlane of Eddore" threads that pop

in the bathtub when I eat beans while bathing.  Weee-phewie!  They stink 

>up ever so often on some newsgroup or other. Most people on the Internet

type with both hands, but I'm expert at using just my left!  Teletubbies

>don't know there is a "Gharlane of Eddore," and even fewer care what his

IQ or zip code are.  Maybe they're the same number!  "False Name" isn't but

>"True Name" is.

That's Zen for ya!  Or maybe Tao.  Or was it "Dao"?  I am sooo confused!!

>I participate in the threads when I run across them just to let those who do

not know me come to a quick awareness that I'm a netk00k.  The wardens here

>consider it important that "Gharlane" is just a working stiff at Cal State

...they always scribble in their pads when I say this.  I seek someone in

>Sacramento who has access to an organizational Internet server. I respond to

vibrators and hot whipped cream and spankings.  I like to stir up all of

>the flames and trolls and the thread stays alive until everyone knows

that I'm an obsessed loon.  AND I LIKE IT!  I've invented from whole cloth

>everything there is to know about the Gharlane/Dave Potter situation.

I'll be inventing new stuff this weekend!  Be sure to lQQk for my posts.

>The same with the "Deb Fuller" thread. By responding to Jay Denebeim's

Costume Party RSVP to "come as you are", I went as a fruitcake.  Due to my

>initial troll and "V's" subsequent juvenile trolls, lots of people now know

that I'm force-fed "happy pills".  Wheeeee!  I was the one who wrote stuff

>about Joe Straczynski's using the Faithful to harrass his "enemies," His

refusal to eat my underwear, His need to break the bread and cheese while

>hoisting himself on his own petard as a result of one such campaign, and why

don't you believe me, WHY?  My imagination is the BEST!  BELIEVE ME DAMMIT!

>He subsequently slunk off to rastb5.Denebeim (formerly rastb5.RomperRoom).

They won't let me play there because I always wet my pants.  You MEANIES!!

>So, thank you Jay Denebeim and "V" for an opportunity to discuss the seamier

parts of my Depends. In fact, my seams are leaking RIGHT NOW!  I'm the dark

>side of Joe Straczynski's Internet presence.
>Theron Fuller

Theron Fuller

Theron Fuller

Captain Infinity

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