Subject:    Re: SERGEY BUKHMAN, On line FELON
From:       Lori
Date:       03 Jan 2000
Message-ID: <84qgji$bo8$>

SANDRAMEND wrote some of the following:

> Threatening someone with violence is a FELONY, new federal law passed after the

aliens took over my brain.  I think it happened because I watched too much of the

> OJ trial. which Ladycop assures me, she and the FBI take seriously.

Youíre such an articulate and interesting young man.  In fact,

> I have emailed AOL the post in which you said:
> *I'd be happy to come over there and kick the living shit out of you for old
> times sake. How about it? Being a trained Israeli commando, I'd love the
> challenge of
> you using hot and/or cold weapons to try and defend yourself....
> No fair using cops, though! I'd have to kill a few of them to get to you,

I swear, Sergey, you say the sweetest things!

> Ladycop really didn't like that last line I quoted.

But thatís just because sheís jealous.

> I was ready to drop the issue, but let's see whose ISP drops who, OK??

Although I donít know how Iíll be able to live without reading your words of wisdom.

> You're bringing so many interesting people into my life that the Israeli

police have been beating down my door trying to have me killed.  But the

> consulate having been a disappointment, I'm going to try to get in touch with

the mother ship and see if they can take me home.  One of them supposedly has

> an friend who I'm sure works for Mossad.  If you're really in the Israeli

army, maybe youíve heard of our vast alien forces on the moon?  If I canít join their

> military, which we doubt, you may end up with the kind of shit detail you

read in my posts.  In which case I think you should give me all the shit I

> deserve.  If not, well.... what is life without surprises.


"Watch out for her in gym class, she's killer at basketball."

 - Wayland

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