Subject:    Re: Firefly -- WOW!  Brand New!  NR.  L@@K!!!
From:       Captain Infinity <>
Date:       Fri, 29 Nov 2002
Message-ID: <>

Let's pretend that Launce Haught wrote *some* of these things:

>Not looking to open a political argument...
>With that said, there are a number of people here and now that would be 

mighty tasty when chopped into bits and added to my Texas chili.  I'm

>more than willing to essentially sell out a kid not because they were 

young but because they're meaty.  I don't eat the naughty bits; that's

>evil or the child was adopted, but because they would have a scary 

pair of stained Wonder Woman Underoos. YEEK!  I have absolutely no

>amount of faith that the "government" is the good guys.
>The classic example is when you see some dirt poor idiot living in a 

rabbit hole, covered in rancid orange marmalade.  I plan to blow up a

>trailer park in the middle of bumble fuck who lives entirely off the 

vitamins and minerals found under my fingernails.  Mrs. Bush is a fat

>government teat who is a hard line conservative republican. Although the 

first day of Kindergarten was my favorite day *ever*, braless boobs are

>things they are most against is exactly what is supporting them.

It all makes perfect sense to me, so shuddup!  Wearing no pants is a

>Classic example of people who put little or no thought into what they 

use to cover their privates. Or "publics" I should say; that's what they

>are doing.
>I have personal experience with adoption, most parents that adopt treat 

kids like Texas chili mixer.  I sure know *I* do.  I like the taste of

>children better, they had to work harder to get a child than parents who 

kick the kids, the dog, and the ferrets out of the bedroom because they

>just had to fuck.

Captain Infinity
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