Subject:    Re: Gargoyles
From:       Lori
Date:       Fri, 07 Jan 2000
Message-ID: <>

WWS wrote some of this:

>Anybody remember the 70's movie "Gargoyles"?  Not the

most memorable flick, I know.  Personally I prefer watching the

>cartoon Disney thing, the one with Gargoyles in the

castles, talking candleabra, some Indian woman, Aladdin in the

>desert and real bad music going wreeep!  wreeep!  wreeep!

I really dig that Minnie Mouse - what a hottie.  I drool over her

>all the time.  And the good guys have to run over them

there bad guys - it's classic!  They should have more flicks

>with trucks and shoot them with shotguns and stuff.  It's

a Disney Redneck Toy Story, don't you know.  "101 Dalmatians" is

>on again tonight.  Lots of great shots of the head devil/

Cruella Deville (Deville-devil, get it?  HAW!).  She looks like a

>gargoyle going BWAH HAH HAH HAH!

She's even hotter than Minnie Mouse!  That hair, that laugh...

>God, I love that movie!  I didn't say it was any good, I'm

really into sucky movies, you know.  To piss you off, I'll keep

>just saying I love it.

I love it!  I love it!  I love it!  I love it!  Hehehe!!!


"Leif [Ericson] and a hardy crew set sail from Greenland and
finally, after many harrowing weeks at sea during which they
almost perished, discovered a new land. It turned out to be
Canada, so they went home."

 - *Y1K: Dave Barry's Complete History of the Millennium, Give
or Take Three Centuries*

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