Subject:    Re: Babylon 5 G'Kar Bust For Sale
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Sat, 3 Oct 1998
Message-ID: <>

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Tom Wahlberg wrote *some* of these things:

>Available for purchase:

or for rent to "pajama parties":

>Legends in 3  G'Kar for $149.  This is a very special piece, limited

battery life left, hurry before it dies.  All the others were smashed

>in production to only 1,500 pieces (a very low production).  It is

fully "developed", lifelike, smooth and pointy, about 2.5" in diameter

>10.5 inches tall, extremely detailed, individually numbered, and hand

somely mottled with lifelike freckles.  The base, shaft & tip are all

>painted.  The piece retailed at $200, so this is a real deal.  To view

it easily in the dark, it has been coated with fluorescent paint.  For a

>a picture of the piece, visit my web site at

"  There's other stuff at

> and go to the B5 section.  The

hosts of this site will shut me down soon, so hurry.  I'll make sure the

>piece is in original condition and in its original box.  Each piece

comes spring loaded and has an extra tube of "filling".  The blue one

>also has a numbered certificate of authenticity that accompanies it.

You need to give me a signed statement that you are not a police officer.

>There will be an appropriate shipping and insurance fee added.

Wash carefully before using; we disavow any responsibility for diseases.

Captain Infinity

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