Subject:    Re: hello?
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Wed 29 Oct 1997
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julie e wrote :

>CA in NJ wrote:
>> julie e wrote:
>> >Should I tell my meeting MJ story?
>> >It's not very exciting, unfortunately.
>> Sure.  Then those of us who haven't been so lucky can envy you. :)
>Okay, here goes...
>(kudos to Captain Infinity for the "spice it up" idea!!)
>A coupla years ago, some friends and I went to a convention in Houston
>called Con-Troll.  Mr. Jittlov was the big-time guest o' honor (gives ya
>an idea of the size of the con! *snicker*) 

It was held in a neighbor's garage.  I used to be close friends with
the neighbor, but we had a falling out after their cat killed several
of our three-legged chickens.  Still, I forced myself to go to the
con, because I had heard a rumor that Donny Most might appear.  Had I
known then what I know now, the appearance of MJ would have been
incentive enough.

>Unfortunately, at that time, I had never heard of the man.  One of my
>friends had seen WOSAT many many moons before, and remembered liking it,
>but that was during a time that, frankly, he doesn't remember too well.

We encourage him with word-association games and readings of Dr.
Suess, but I'm afraid that the paid experimental drug-treatments that
he engaged in during the 70's (it was his only means of income) have
left their mark.

>Anyhoo, we were selling costume schtuff in the Dealer's Room (my friend
>is a fantastic costumer) and we were kinda stuck in there for most of
>the con, but Mike came in a few times, and he stopped by our table once
>or twice.  He seemed to be an incredibly nice man, very kind and
>soft-spoken, and I found him to be quite attractive (keep in mind, I
>knew nothing of him other than "He's the GOH", I hadn't even had time to
>read the blurb about him in the program...) I guess I flirted with him a
> is my MO. :o)

I was surprised at his refusal to shake my hand, and I wondered "How
does he *know* ??  However, he was so nice that I ignored the fact
that (while talking to my friend, who was drooling out of the left
side of his mouth and required constant propping up to keep him from
sliding under the table) he surreptitiously slipped my expensive
gold-plated lighter holder into a hidden pocket of his jacket and
replaced it with an origami replica of Marvin the Martian sitting in a
bubble-bath *with real bubbles*.

>Since I've noticed that Mike stops in here from time to time, I will add

money to the collection plate in what is probably a vain hope

>that he may remember our group as the ones who, at the Masquerade, were

imitating the Three Stooges.  We spent the day slapping folks who were

>immpeccably attired in our impressive replicas of KISS costumes, and
>constantly bugged by the other con-goers as to the reason why we had not
>entered the Masq. (we had no time for such frivolities, we were working

the bars when not stealing from other dealer's tables, like many other

>folk...besides, we had to get dressed one at a time in the lobby the insistence of the Manager. We'd rather have dressed in the

>restroom in the first place! When were we supposed to enter the
>contest??) Mike will certainly remember Con-Troll as FoodCon, the best
>catered convention in history!
>Back to MJ...about a month after the con, we found WOSAT for rent and
>snatched it up.  I was flabbergasted!  Here I had this fabulous guy
>right in front of me...this, dare I say, GENIUS???...and I let him get

a good look down my blouse, too!  I eventually had security take him

>away.  (All together now..."Awwwwww...) I lookede him up in the Fandom
>Directory and considered many times to write him...but I chickened out
>every time.  
>The point is moot now, of course, because I have since met the man of my
>dreams (or at least, the man of my dreams who is not Mike Jittlov) and
>I'm sure Mike has gone on with his life...

And our three-legged chickens have won many races, even against the
racing pigs at the county fair.  All three of us in my family get a
drumstick.  Life is good.

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