Subject:    Re: For Sergey: News from your backed-up homeland
From:       Lori
Date:       Wed, 26 Apr 2000
Message-ID: <3906df40.5742554@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

WWS wrote some o' this:

>Now that's pathetic, and stupid.  I had lots of those matzos,
tons and tons of them, and now I can't poop.  I ate beans though
>and they don't stop you up at all. Especially if you put those
jalapeno peppers on 'em.  Whoo boy!  I like PB&J sandwiches with
>little fishies on them, and especially especially if you have
pickles and onions.  Hey, I'm strange.  I ate chocolate bars &
>lots of that cabbage potato soup with them.  If anybody's
worried, don't be, 'cuz I've got an iron stomach.  Although I'm
>constipated, they just aren't eating the right things.  Bread's
overrated anyway.  The fact that I'm not wearing any pants has
>got nothing to do with it.

This was hardly a challenge; I've got to find another nice long post,
like Amos' was.  Sigh.


"Life was not easy for Mr. Hole,
While 5 different colored armies battled
for which Nintendo 64 to buy,
leaving him isolated and restless,
when it came to compassion for little
worms, they were one." - Riboflavin D. Monkey

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