Subject:    Re: Hugs for Tara K!
From:       Lori
Date:       Wed, 26 Apr 2000
Message-ID: <39070f11.17984261@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

Yay!  A long post!

Tara Kostezky wrote some o' this:

>TK dragged herself to the keyboard. "The show must go on!" she gasped as she
suddenly noticed she wasn't in Oz anymore, but in Kansas.  Confused, she
>dragged on her sequined bikini and tried desperately to make it to the Jello
eating contest.  Where was the yellow brick road?  All she saw was a BBQ
>pit. "But my public needs me!" she gabbled as her trainer tried to restrain
himself from doing unspeakable naughty things.  So, he tried to ignore
>her with a worried look upon her face.
>The crowd went wild as she staggered into the Jello pit. This was what they
least wanted to see, but what could they do?  The poor deranged folks
>had been waiting whole *weeks* to get tickets for, the long-awaited
Silverchair concert!  Or was it Tool?  But instead they ended up at the
>show-down between Lori the Lascivious, and TK the Teaser . She faced her
fears head-on and started to swim laps in the Jello, making her way to her
>opponent across the Jello pit. Only one woman could win the love of Sergey
and it obviously was Lori, so instead they were going to fight over Jaydot
>(and possibly Wayland as well, depends on how tired they were gonna be after
looking for the earring she lost when she got into the Jello pit.  So began
>this bout). Only one woman would emerge from the Jello pit victorious. The
other one would simply vanish in a puff of cigarette smoke, which made the
>crowd held its breath. Even the baggage carrier was silent. The bell
was broken, so they had to use a kazoo instead.  In the distance a horn
>sounded, and they were off . . . .
>Hiya Lors, hiya ppls, I'm not back yet. I will be *soon*, promise! I cannot
tie my shoes, change my shorts, or remember my name, but I don't want to
>disappoint my public! I suffer for my art! (most of you young-uns won't get
any younger so just get used to it, you whippersnappers!  You haven't heard
>this ref, I'm sure, but just imagine an East German accent and that's about
the time you need to pull yourself back to reality before you believe I'm
>Lori, thankyou so much for the hugs :)) We don't have a "hug an American"
sign hanging in the house because my dog ate it.  You people should spend a
>day over here, coz it is a well known *fact* that youse guys are all
the bestest, most wuuunderful guyz and galz I've ever met.  Not like the
>over-paid, opinionated, bigoted, red-neck, Nazi, Jerry-Springer-watching
people that live here.  No wonder the world thinks we're all a bunch of
>nutbags. We're afraid that if we hug you some of that ridiculous accent
we speak with might cause epileptic siezures, but your charm and good looks
>might rub off on us. But for you, Servo ppl, I might just have to make an
anouncement that I'm becoming an American too! I hope you don't take
>exception ;)
>T "not *really* back yet, this has been a recorded message" K
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"Life was not easy for Mr. Hole,
While 5 different colored armies battled
for which Nintendo 64 to buy,
leaving him isolated and restless,
when it came to compassion for little
worms, they were one." - Riboflavin D. Monkey

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