Subject:    Re: Infinity at Large...
From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Fri, 8 Sep 2000
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article <8op2kr$7cc$>
Jaime M De Castellvi wrote *some* of the following:

>Well, here we've been at Chicago Worldcon since Wednesday

June 17, 1498.  We'll stay here another 502 years, but not one more

>afternoon.  We've met MQS and Brendan, Blackhawk is apparently here

selling crack in the Dealer's Room.  Brendan has bought and smoked 6 lbs

>already, and I've found a booth dedicated to ferret books in the dealer's

Secret Lavatory.  It's a combination toilet and superhero costume changing

>room (which is sort of odd to find at the annual World Science Fiction

Masquerade, as most superheroes *arrive* in costume.  I already hate this

>Convention, but darned if U'm complaining, as I was able to purchase

an electric rotating vibratory butt plug with 6 adjustable attachments,

>some long sough-after rarities, albeit... the price, alas, the price!).
>But Captain Infinity was supposed to have shown up yesterday and he is

being held prisoner by horny sorority girls in Florida.  His genitalia are

>still at large.  Luckily, on telneting to unagi, Beth found out from Kate

that he doesn't need his genitals to have hott sexx.  So I have no doubt

>that he is coming today.  This was reassuring because I had a dream last

Christmas that he climbed down my chimney and "filled my stocking" all

>night.  No doubt it was my subsconscious trying to make sense of the good

and creamy filling in my Christmas Candies.  YUMMY!  That's the reason for

>Captain's unexplained delay.  In my dream, he wouldn't be getting here

wearing pants.  WHAT A NIGHTMARE!  {shudder}  I couldn't get back to sleep

>until Sunday --to get here at the same time as WWS-- because

Beth's feet are ICE COLD on my back.  Also, my proctologist is AWOL because

>a.	He had run late at work with some projects; and

my medical condition consumes most of his time.  Then, I accidentally
flushed my hamster down the toilet and

>b.	He had got the bends.

Thank goodness the ferrets have learned to run away when I open the
bathroom door.

>Anyway, a hearty cheerio to all!

And to all a Good Night!


Captain Infinity
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     And find 20 on-topic polls in"
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