Subject:    Re: Childish liberals - your tax dollars at work
From:       Illusion
Newsgroups: alt.rhode_island,
Date:       Sat, 3 Feb 2001
Message-ID: <>

Someone called "complexities" wrote *some* of the following:

>Let's remember it's because of Bill Clinton's emphasis on higher taxation

without Representation!  Give me Liberty!  Up the Irish!  Alphabet soup

>for the upper %1 income bracket that gives us the huge surplus that "W" is

floating in broth.  YUMMY!  I want some of the soup that Campbells is

>promising the taxpayers as a tax cut.  When we have the return to

Blue Lagoon" on tape we can MST it.  But now, after this commercial for

>"Reagonomics" we'll be right back to high unemployment, high inflation, low

bridge ahead: NO TRUCKS ALLOWED!  My calculator is broken, so now I have no

>productivity, high utility bills, increased retirement age, more homeless

ferrets living in squalor, and Professional Wrestling in my underwear.  I'm

>(mentally ill) people thrown into the streets, and all the "white", upper

teeth in my jaw (I never brush the lowers).  I sell crack cocaine to low

>income kids in college.  When they get rid of affirmative action - the word

*PEPE* comes to mind cuz I'm on the Dyslixec Pepe Sqaud.  We paint "SHCOOL"

>on the street is - "thank goodness" - we don't have to hire "them" any more!

That's what my Dad said when the transvestite hookers next door got busted.

>So, we'll be right back to the days when minorities have no future!  They

*never* appeared on the Jetsons!  Was Rosie the Robot black?  NO!  My kids

>can resume their role as welfare recipients and drug dealers.  The voucher

I gave them for "Get Out Of Spankies Free" expires today.  My bum paddling 

>system will leave them in schools with inferior education - therefore, no

dessert for them tonight!  Dummies!  I refuse --REFUSE!-- to give them the

>opportunity for higher education.  Right back , behind the 8-ball.  Yeah,

I'm a drunken gambler but whatcha gonna do?  I've forgotten how to fuck but

>those Republicans sure no how to do it!  "I've got mine, screw you!"  In

one orifice and out the other!  Yowsa!  Anyway, because of the roaches in

>Florida, the republicans are calling for deregulation of the electiric co.

Wait, I mean "electlic".  Erectclit?  Sheesh, we Rhode Islanders are morons

>(you know - like California)  and we'll all be in sorry shape!  They want to

transplant our brains into homosexual Gorillas, and then they'll hire us to

>privatize the Post Office - that will leave rural areas without mail

-order porno.  Except for pictures of naked gay monkeys.  We'll make that

>delivery  because the private sector is not going to deliver in areas

where gay monkeys congregate.  Conjugate?  I sold poop sculptures for years

>without a profit.  (like the phone co. mess).  Ugh.!  It's no cooincidence

that my budget for bran was stretched to its limit.  But I kept working at

>that after 8 years of a booming economy - it is now going down the toilet -

because noone wants to buy my poop any more.  Now my flushing finger hurts,

>thanks "W".  "Reagonomics" is in operation now - companies are laying off in

open fields of clover, sniffing daisys! SLACKERS! I'd much rather type out

>record #'s - than request a tax break (corporate welfare) to help them out -

or into the-- ...wait, what was I saying?  Nevermind, I think I'm finished.

_.~`'`~._ Illusion _.~`'`~._
                            "The mind wobbles, doesn't it." --Kelly Bundy

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