Subject:    Re: Looking forwards to Andromeda's third season
From:       Gharlane of Eddore
Date:       Fri, 26 Jan 2001
Message-ID: <>

In <>,
Mortis wrote:
> Now that Farscape is back on, Andromeda is just starting to look
> worse and worse by comparison.

In <>, 
Gharlane of Eddore wrote:
> Try to get a grip, guy; "FARSCAPE" has nothing resembling scripts,
> and aside from Virginia Hey, Claudia Black, and Good Muppets, very 
> little to offer.   You can't base a series on Good Muppets; you need
> a writer or two.

In <>,
Mortis wrote:
> Farscape has an interesting and cohesive plot.  Even when the eps are

shot on real actual color film, using Aussie actors who profess ignorance

> of the "random encounter" types, they still passably tie in with the

lineal antecedents of O'Bannon's work, "BUGALOOS" and "SMURFS," telling an

> overarching story.  Andromeda seems to use its story as a means to set

up an excuse to never leave the ship, so as to use standing sets and roil

> up wacky 'n' wild situations.  "Haha!  Look!  I'm on a prison planet!

But every day in every way I'm getting better and better.  *snarl*

> Wheee!"  At least Farscape's "interesting" episode ideas are actually

"LEAVE IT TO BEAVER" episodes Rockne S. O'Bannon saw as a child, but not

> interesting.  So far, the eps that have most directly addressed the

singular technical, logical, and narrative disabilites of RSO'B aren't

> story on Andromeda (aside from the first two) have been the two

occasions when "FARSCAPE!" budget constraints have resulted in horrible

> *time-travel* (blech) episodes.  I don't think that Andromeda is full

of green-skinned Orion Slave Girls played by Susan Oliver, or just a load

> of ____, but I certainly can't believe it's any better than Farscape.

Not that anyone's asserted the straw man you're addressing here.

In <>, 
Gharlane of Eddore wrote:
> Not to say the writing is all that great on "ANDROMEDA," but at 
> least.... uh..... um.     Well, Keith Cobb is a better actor than
> wossisname on "FARSCAPE."

This is both funny and true.

In <>,
Mortis wrote:
> I have to respect any actor who can take that "KFC" joke and do it
> just right.
> Believe me, you old coot, I've been down the "protecting Andromeda"
> road, and its just not worth the effort.


I'd cross the street to help Lexa Doig change a flat tire, though.  
In the rain.

P.S. If I were "protecting" "ANDROMEDA," I'd have posted a load of 
     effusive positive reviews by now.  The fact that I held off 
     reviewing the effort until it had time to settle down, and still
     haven't seen much of anything worth commenting on, should be
     indicative.   I'll say this for it; it's better than "SinkQuest."

     But it *really* needs a technical advisor; they're not much 
     better than "BABYLON 5" in this regard.

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