Subject:    Re: Oh my heavenly lord
From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Fri, 29 Jun 2001
Message-ID: <>

Lots42 wrote *some* of these things:

>Since the removal of 

my foreskin, my penis has shriveled.  I tried to expand it by yanking

>all my wisdom teeth,

but there's been no success.  And now my Love Dolls are useless because

>I can no longer inflate

their buttocks.  Look!!  Just look!  Their bums are much smoother than

>my cheeks. I do not have

a way to striate plastic with cellulite.  WAAAH!! IT'S NOT FAIR!  I need

>the capabillity to keep

my teeny weeny peeny from going flat!  Without that "release" I can feel

>the pressure up

in my head building and I'M GONNA EXPLODE!  But I can feel somewhat glad

>because of the giant 

sharkwoman who sneaks into my bedroom & forces my fingers into the hairy

>gaping holes in the

spaces between her legs.  SQUISHY!  Look!  I found a remora!  Impressive

>teeth line.

Captain Infinity
 ...ewww, where the hell did *that* one come from?

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