Lori's Wackylaces

Lori, 80's Child, came to alt.fan.tom-servo via alt.fan.browneyed-girl and alt.fan.mrclean.
The general whirlwind of insanity that exists in aft-s soon swept her up, and she was ultimately conscripted into the Kamikaze Peep Squad. Eventually she tried her hand at Wackylacing, and developed an impressive talent.

TV actresses who looked great pregnant  26 Oct 1999
The mysterious lacer strikes again!  28 Oct 1999
Persistent Fear  24 Nov 1999
My stupid computer is making me a lurker...  24 Dec 1999
SERGEY BUKHMAN, On line FELON  3 Jan 2000
Gargoyles  7 Jan 2000
Hoplessly Behind  21 Jan 2000
The incredible disappearing Antifrance  26 Jan 2000
A scene from a life - what *could* have happened...  17 Feb 2000
News from the other NC kid.  24 Feb 2000
Dan T's comments - More! More!  2 Mar 2000
People come together! RIGHT NOW!  3 Mar 2000
The Manly Art Of Cooking  8 Mar 2000
Pssst...  21 Mar 2000
I am staying and a huge thank you  7 Apr 2000
Oh my god B5 is not dead at all  21 Apr 2000
For Sergey: News from your backed-up homeland  26 Apr 2000
Hugs for Tara K!  26 Apr 2000

He just *is* a crazy person.  8 Aug 2001, reviewed by Captain Infinity

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