Subject:    Re: My stupid computer is making me a lurker...
From:       Lori
Date:       Fri, 24 Dec 1999
Message-ID: <83vvj3$8ft$>

Sorry Sergey, but I'm feeling deliciously evil and ego-centric today...
plus when the urge to wackylace strikes you must obey...

Wayland wrote some of the following:

> First of all I'm supposed to be working right now, so nobody tell my

"friend" Sergey that I'm cheating on his wife, OK?  Otherwise I'll have
to tell my

> employer that I'm posting this.  Last night, after I got home from my

secret rendezvous with Lori, I took her to my

> favorite coffee shop, as that is my favorite hang out when I am home

and away from the prying eyes of  After I got

> from school, I got online to read and reply to posts.  I started

this really sexy post from Lori, and then I got all sorts of
provocative e-mail,

> and replying, then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I got a message

Dan Tropea was a secret aft-s spy, and had hacked my computer so that

> my post timed out.  I tried for the next hour and a half to get my

sent, since I know Lori was very hot for me, but I couldn't get them

> to go through to my server.  Alas, my attempts failed.  Since I don't

want Lori to think I'm impotent, and especially since I don't

> want to fuck with Deja using a 14.4 on a 486(hence, I'm writing this

a time where she's sure to know she's the only one for me.  But that
takes a lot of

> work), I might not be posting for a little while.  But fear not I will

continue to shower my affections upon Lori as long as she allows me
to.  And I'll

> be reading your posts and as soon as I can figure out what the hell is

keeping me so obsessed with Lori.  If any of you think that something is

> wrong, you can see my shining name in the from column once again.

I can find a way to have Lori all to myself in real life too,

> then, I guess I must suffer from posting withdraw.  Hope to post to

commie bastards who wish you were me (and you know you do)

> all very soon,
> Wayland
>PS:  If the computer gods are reading this, please oh please oh please,

I'm dying to e-mail Lori some erotic stories, so please

> make my computer work when I get home from work.


Lori :)

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