Subject:    Re: The Manly Art Of Cooking
From:       Lori
Date:       Wed, 08 Mar 2000
Message-ID: <38c67900.15432084@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

J. wrote some of this:

>It wasn't hard to do, really.  There were a few near-disasters, but I

was so inspired by Wayland that I decided to dress in drag.  I think I

>managed to pull it off rather smashingly.

>Merrie was both terrified and impressed.  

Can you blame her, though?  I was wearing her clothes and makeup!

>Oh, and I bought a good Fume Blanc; you were right, Tara, white worked

really well with my skin tones.  I think the red pumps I chose went

>well with this.  Also, I ordered 2 cookbooks from Amazon; I figure

those Amazons could show me how to be a REAL WOMYN!  I mean,

>what the hell, why stop now?   I may not be up to par, but by the end

of the day my feet hurt and my mascara runs.  I hope that because

>of all this, I shall be able to wipe my ass and cook my own meals

without any more help from my mommy.  I shall wear my womynhood


>I may stop eating Spaghettios, but I doubt I'll start pickling my own

pigs' feet.  I'm still recovering from my cooking, so I won't eat

>beets anytime soon.  But who knows?

>Thanks to WWS, Lori, Hole, and especially Tara, for prompting me to

explore my feminine side.  I'm eternally grateful for the chance to

>expand my horizons, my abilities, and my belt-size.

>May the monsters you create never turn and bite your hands off.

Because that would just ruin those lovely nails of yours!


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