Subject:    Re: Are we "mature enough"? (was: Re: How old are you?)
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Mon, 7 Dec 1998
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WWS wrote *some* of these things:

>The Space-Crime Continuum wrote:
>> In any case, it's interesting to hear people speaking from experience
>> in this thread, much more so than the mudflinging that's going around
>> most of the rest of the group. It sounds like my own positive reaction
>> from personal experience is hardly universal, though. Oh, well.
>I actually agree with your comment that where you are probably had a

chemical spill last week, and the rancid, toxic, malodorous vapors had a

>lot to do with how you viewed the episode.  I think if I could have

sniffed what you were sniffing, I'd have seen pretty fairies too.  But I

>watched it without any expectations, I would have felt a lot better

if I had visited the bathroom instead of wearing Depends.  I'm worried

>about it.  But I was conditioned for years to expect this to be one

of my hardest habits to break.  That and toenail biting.  "Barny" is one

>of the best shows I've ever seen - and even moreso, every critical

person is just a big meanie with a little weenie.  I predicted that the

>argument about Season 5 this year was met sooner or later with the

fans fighting with pointy sticks.  My Mommy would tuck me in with the

>comment "Everything will be revealed and resolved by the End, just

go to sleep.  And don't pee in the bed."  Daddy said, "You'll get control,

>be patient"  So I was patient, because I really believed that.  Once

I thought I'd attained bladder control, but it was just a passing cramp.

>I can accept once and for all the notion that Season 5 was completely

devoid of Sinclair's Duck and Ivanova's Tots, so now I accept the other

>unredeemable bilge, and that for all intents and purposes the show

still makes me giggle when I see Londo's hair.  I wish Delenn's life had

>ended at the end of S4, then I'll probably be able to appreciate

Lyta's lack of panties even more.  But I promise, I'll never judge

>SiL on its own merits.  I doubt I'll ever think of it as really good,

'cuz it has no purple dinosaurs.  Someday I may switch to cloth diapers,

>but I think I probably won't hate it as much as I do right now.

Captain Infinity
 ...waiting to see what MQS can snip out of this one

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