Here's another of Lori's Wackylaces that came to Usenet via Mr. Hole.
Subject:    The mysterious lacer strikes again!
From:       Mr. Hole
Date:       28 Oct 1999
Message-ID: <>

I see much promise in our anonymous wackylacer, he/she emailed me a
response to "The World`s Evillest Man: Dan Tropea". Here, for your eyes
only is the work of someone I hope joins us in or merry crusade across
USENET; pray hard fellow truth seekers, we my soon gain an allie!
Message From: (CENSORED) wrote:
Date: Wed, Oct 27, 1999, 8:51am (EDT-3) To: holefamily1
Subject: Dan's post  

>OK, this is war!! :-) 

>I'm still not ready to reveal myself, but I
>got creative again. If you like this, please
>post it. If not, tell me not to quit my day
>job and I'll go back to my old
>mild-mannered self. 
>Besides, if I ever do anything like this 
>under my real name, I want to be good at
>it first. 
Dan wrote:
>The problem with this wacky lace 

on my shoe is that I can't seem to keep it
tied and I keep tripping over it. The
neighborhood stray came over again and the mess  

>that he/she did on my post was 

so gross it made me hungry for Taco Bell burritos. I have a secret
admirer on the internet, but I think  

>that this person doesn't seem to have read
>my posts. If this person had  

just gone to bed with me like I wanted them to in the first place 

>they would have known 

that I like to eat burritos before sex. I wonder if that's the reason  

>that i am single. Wacky 

people are always saying strange things to me, like my shoe 

>laces should be 

purple and tied around my neck. The other day I hung up some 

>absurd spoofs on a persons post but 

the wind blew them away before anyone could read them. One of those
absurdities was 

>to state that i had a wife 

which is of course ridiculous. I'd much rather make love to my household
appliances. The fact that my date cancelled on me  

>means this person has not really been 

willing to subject themselves to the true power of my washing machine!
All you folks on are 

>reading my posts too carefully. 

They only make sense when you are drunk or stoned so stop trying so

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