Subject:    Re: Oh my god B5 is not dead at all
From:       Lori
Date:       Fri, 21 Apr 2000
Message-ID: <39007f45.14929419@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

ayung wrote some of this:

>All I am asking you to do is to resend the things that you have already
sent, things you haven't sent, things you thought about, & things you
>posted, in public, to my email account. Contents remain exactly the
way they were packaged; may settle during shipment.  It all tastes the
>same, only the delivery method differs. If there is ever going to be a
day that I'm allowed to see the sun again, I better escape, just in
>case, it is the content that is of consequence in court (if it comes to
visit me, that is.  Does this make any sense?  Wait, don't answer
>that) which I assume you are standing by. Uttering threat across
the vast wasteland known as the space between my ears and calling it a
>telecommunication network is a federal crime. Whether it is through e-
liminating the fungus between my toes or wiping my nasal drips on some
>mail or a usenet post is of no importance. My only interest in having
sex is when I watch Janet Reno on TV.  Why I wrote her a poem and sent
>it in email is to tie closer to this so they will have to
tie us up together in order to make me happy.  But I want her to
>choose side instead of being a netural third party. But if you think it
is difficult for me to write these things, you're right!  Reading this
>will put you deeper into the hole than without the e-mail, fine. Don't
blame me.  I never learned grammer anyway.  This is why I want to
>send it through email. The Message ID and reference of the usenet post
make no sense to me.  They make me see dead people.  So this post here
>will have to suffice. It just means a little more work for me to make
a peanut butter and PEEP sandwich that sticks to my mouth.  Does
> realize they are part of this and cannot take non-actions.
Are there any caught in that  Hmmmmm???????
>All I need from you now is a final make-my-day type of response.
>This is like two guys in a bar yelling "lets go!" at each other. Except
that we're not in a bar, and I'm not a guy.  But don't tell on me, OK?
>I am pretty certain the only one that can get into real trouble is you.
But that's my meds talking.  I don't want you to leave laughing at me.
>Therefore I am only going to do this if you explicitly want to escalate
yourself onto a pedestal.  And I do mean explicitly!  I get off on
>this. Give me a simple yes or no. Don't go cry baby on me either. I
will start crying too and then we'll have a flood!  My idiotic blather
>dismissed you twice off hand before already. I didn't ask for your
forgiveness because I was too afraid.  Back then I had no balls,
>retraction or apology and I still don't. I explicitly said I wasn't
a guy, remember?  Yesterday I found a dead cat and kissed it.  I was
>going to take things further but you just come back with the second
dose of tranquilizers and things get all fuzzy & I can't even count to
>one. It is put up or shut up time. Freedom of speech protected all your
"death threats", which I know were just jokes.  You must be sick of my
>childish taunts already. You alone decided to cross the line. Maybe you
should try using some of my words back at me.  For example, say, "I
>don't think such line exists or your ego is so big there is no more
space to put your spleen."  You're so smart, I don't know how you have
>room for your brain. In any case we can find out at your expenses.
>Well. Yes or no. I got the time if you want it. It doesn't take 30
pills to put me under, usually only 25 or so, but it takes about 50
>exchanges to answer a simple question.


"Maybe it's the pure sugar rush that ensues five seconds after you
pop a Peep in your mouth. Some folks find it blissful; others shudder
in disgust at the mere thought. Arguably, though, those marshmallow
Circus Peanuts provide the same result. And, safe to say, nobody
devotes parody porn sites to them."  - on Marshmallow Peeps

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