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Subject:    Re: Persistent Fear
From:       Lori\80s Child
Date:       24 Nov 1999
Message-ID: <EIU_3.2121$>

> For the last year I've had a persistent fear; a fear that troubles me

about as much as my fear of the toilet.  Boy, that water sure goes down

> deeply. I know the thing I fear is unlikely to occur, and also a bit

stupid.  I should like toilet subjects.  Did you know turd rhymes with

> absurd.

> I'll elaborate: My bathroom is on the second floor, it sits in the

house not doing anything!  I should be charging rent for it to live in

> middle of the house. To the left, down the hall is the Master-bedroom of

which I am the Master!  Thereís no toilet in there, thankfully.  In

> my home, to the right, down the hall are two smaller rooms. When I've

gone into them, sometimes Iíve not found my way out for days.

I showered today, which is a rare thing.  I have BO, you know.  When I

> finished showering, I peak my head out and look both ways before exiting

because thatís what they teach you to do so you donít get run over by

> the bathroom. But this past year I have experienced an illogical fear... 


> my brain tells me to look quickly, I have visions of someone

sneaking up behind me and crossposting me to God knows where and then

> decapitating me as I look to my left, and then to my right! 

Iíd hate to lose my head, since without it I couldnít do, you know,

> I've never had an actual intruder in my residence -- nor have I known

one outside my residence.  I donít get out much.  Have you seen
> anyone that was later decapitated. It probably seems quite silly to you, 

but I need to tell them I found their head in my yard.  Iíd keep quiet,

> but its racked the very foundation of my life. Each day I must go

out there and try to keep it from decaying.  I hope I can get

> through this; will this odd vision burden me as long as I walk the

streets of insanity?  Iím afraid!  What if Iím the only man on

> Earth? What could have caused such a traumatic fear? 

Maybe it was all those times my brother flushed my head in the toilet
as a child.


"Some will shower them with flowers, some will stalk them and some will
cut their ears off. I am hijacking a newsgroup. Yes, I am doing this in
the name of love. One very special browneyed girl has captivated me by
her funny, joyfull posts and her mind boggingly cool name. The sweet
angel I speak of is none other than Lori/80's Child."
 Ė Sergey B, FAQ

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