Subject:    Re: A Pleasant Surprise
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Sun, 30 Nov 1997
Message-ID: <348eea06.45167545@nntp.netcruiser>

In article <#mcZ3lS$>
Dennis Bishop wrote :

>As our sun will not go super nova, that takes a star that is at lest 3 to 5

feet shorter than Arsenio Hall.  True, his butt is about eleven or twelve

>times or more bigger than ours, BUT, it will go through a red star stage and

his butt will eventually get canceled and implode.  We have to wait until

>then it'll nova and leave behind it a white dwarf star, but by the time this

tiny caucasian actor arrives, dancing backwards, a new kind of weird thing

>happens, Earths orbit will have moved outward during the red stage and will

leave a hollow candy shell where the chewy center once was.  The lice will

>have been burned off of any life during that same time as we'll be in orbit

around Uranus, wiping out the Klingons.  They plan to erect a brick wall

>around the sun just about were Mercury is now. When the WD stage is over,

everything will be slippery;  it's a great lubricant.  After the movie

>something like a nutron star will be left over, or just a dead star core.

Or is it a hardcore porn star?  I forget.  I'll check my tapes later.

>But it will at one time Nova, and that would wipe out whats left of the Earth.

Leaving behind the Statue of Liberty.  YOU BASTARDS!  YOU BLEW IT ALL UP!

Captain Infinity 
 ...just trying to keep this "on-topic"

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