It required a bit of detective work, but I have found Lori's earliest Wackylaces, posted to Usenet anonymously by way of the generous nature of Mr. Hole.

I think this was her first try. Mr. Hole had already started the wackylace, and Lori finished it.

Subject:    Re: TV actresses who looked great pregnant
From:       Mr. Hole
Date:       26 Oct 1999
Message-ID: <>

Yippee! I received a response in the finish the wackylacing contest! The
writer wishes to remain anonymous, but I can assure you based on
previous posts that the person is a highly intelligent well balanced

(Mr. Hole) wrote: 

>Try as I might I was unable to give Dan`s
>latest query a good lacing, I was forced to
>answer Dan`s inane question. I let it sit for
>24 hours but still came up with zip,
>someone please finish it? 

>(Dan Tropea) wrote: 

>>This morning i was watching a few 

>pieces of stale bread, I was riveted by the
>slightly green ends. This caused me to
>miss the last 

>>minutes of the Xena rerun that originally
>>aired last week and i don't know why it 

>was more interesting? Cannibalism 

>>hasn't occured to me before or even last
>>night but Lucy Lawless really does look 

tasty. I bet with barbecue sauce she
would taste 

>>good pregnant. There is a softness in her 

that you just can't get with chicken or turkey. Ever since Joan Rivers'
recent  face lift, there is something about her nasal 

>>features that is really accentuated now.
>>Which got me to think about other tv  

shows about plastic surgery and wondering about 

>>actresses that looked good while 

getting their boobs done. My wife got her boobs done and then I got her 


We had twins - one looked like Joan Rivers and the other looked like the
Crypt Keeper. 

>>Who do you think looked the best?


But this doesn`t have to be the end of the fun, there`s still more left
to be written! Please continue to contribute more.

Mr. Hole 

This post may cause DROWSINESS, ALCOHOL may intensify this effect, use
care when operating  dangerous machinery.

How's your

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