Subject:    Re: Pssst...
From:       Lori
Date:       Tue, 21 Mar 2000
Message-ID: <38d7bb8a.12881703@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

Captain Infinity wrote some of this:

>Hey, psst, hey...over here.  Shhhh.  Don't talk, just listen.

Look at your own risk, however, since I'm not wearing any pants.

>I've been away...involved in a top-secret hush-hush covert operation for

8 years.  The "Captain Infinity" you know doesn't exist in the eyes of

>the government.  No, not *that* government, the other government.  You

think you're so damn smart, don't you?11!?!/  Listen to me!  I

>know what I'm talking about.  No time to explain.

>I need to know everybody's favorite Peep color.  Choose from yellow,

burnt-orange, magenta, chartreuse, goldenrod, mauve, forest green,

>blue, purple, or pink.  Post here.  QUICKLY!  oops, shhhh, quiet, quiet.

You'll wake up Uncle Misha.  Damn!  I'm in the wrong website again!

>Just to make things difficult for the Watchers, post your choice in

braille.  I'll feel the bumps (IYKWIM) and process the information in

>code.  Y for yellow, B for blue, P for purple, and P for pink.  No, that

isn't a toy!  Get away!  Yesterday I ate something green, now my radio

>won't work.  Damn.  Oh well, nevermind the code, that was a stupid idea

to go swimming in that alligator pond.  I didn't need that appendage


>Heck, are you still maintaining the data chart?  Please add "Peep color"

"eye color", "nose hair color"... oh, you should also add "bra size"

>as one of the columns.  This is important.  I'll explain later when I'm

done shopping at Fredericks. I like wearing "special clothes" when I'm

>not being watched and/or sponge-bathed.

>The owl barks at midnight.  Message ends.  Over and Out.



Lead me not into temptation;
I can find the way myself.

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