Subject:    A scene from a life - what *could* have happened...
From:       Lori
Date:       Thu, 17 Feb 2000
Message-ID: <88frk8$bqp$>

Sergey Bukhman wrote some of this:

>       [We fade in on Sergey and a Cute Girl sitting on the floor]
        [having another bout of wild, hott passionate sexx outside]
>       [of the Cute Girl's living room. Sergey has just spent 4  ]
        [days in bed with this woman, and also a few extra        ]
>       [hours helping her with her C homework and chatting. The  ]
        [day progresses, and Cute Girl is starting to babble.  The]
>       [Cute Girl is talking and Sergey is smiling and nodding on]
        [his pillow, trying hard to stay awake, and drools on     ]
>       [occasions.                                               ]
> Cute Girl: So, this guy I'm dating...

             Wait a minute, that's you.  Nevermind.  I'm drunk.
>       [We go into gradual Slow Motion as the camera spirals onto]
        [the two of them together.  Cute girl leans in toward     ]
>       [Sergey's face. His smile slowly disappears as we close in]
        [on the two of them, preparing to kiss, getting closer... ]
>       [until only his face is in frame. It shows terrible and   ]
        [awful static-damn video camera! It makes them appear with]
>       [virtually undetectable anguish.                          ]
>       [We pan to a wide angle shot of the two, as the Cute Girl ]
        [in a state of euphoria after another glorious orgasm,    ]
>       [goes on to tell Sergey about her past and current beaus. ]
        [None of them in any way remotely compare to Sergey.      ]
>       [Suddenly, and without any warning, Sergey's head explodes]
        [in pain from too much wine; he cuts himself on the bottle]
>       [spurting blood all over the place, and on the Cute Girl. ]
        [She reaches out, misses, and accidentally kills the dog. ]
>       [His limp corpse drops to the Floor. The Cute Girl keeps  ]
        [giving Sergey first aid, (READ: "mouth-to-mouth"), and   ]
>       [talking and smiling as we fade out.                      ]
>                              The End.
> --
> Sergey
> So, who do we cast as Sergey?

Yourself, of course.  And Yours Truly as the Cute Girl.  :)


Well gee, we are "married" after all...

"Well balanced meals, that means the main course and the dessert weigh
the same amount, right?"

 - Wayland

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