Subject:    Re: "How Scientific Are You?"
From:       Jesus Moriarty
Newsgroups: alt.archaeology,,,alt.religion.kibology
Date:       7 Nov 1998
Message-ID: <>

Captain Infinity wrote:

>In and elsewhere
>In article <>
>Boikat wrote *some* of these things:
>Bob and Suzanne Kessler wrote:
>>      I had written that some thought the feathered dino.s 
>>       could be several animals making it look like one,
>Apparently, you've not seen pictures of the
>Abominable Bumblemuffin, one of the rare vegetarian
meals often served to families of poverty-stricken
>dinosaurs with feathers from China.  There is no
>better chop suey than this, and I say that without
having tried any other brands.  Nothing's more blessed than
>ambiguity.  They are not multiple animals
>like you find in boxes of Animal Crackers, one
example of which being the lion or even the bear,
>superimposed one upon each other.  As for
>pronouncing Earl, Fran, and Roy just a bunch of
self-inflated egomaniacs who probably can't even define
>archaeopteryx, it's even more ludicrous to make
>nutritional advisory suggestions based on
the advice of cattle-farmers who originated
>that claim since there are six or seven
>thousand calories per serving, and they're *small*
examples of why we as human beings are no more than
>specimens.  You would not find six or seven
>thousand calories on *my* lunch menu!  I remember
that I have a tendency to lose said lunch after viewing
>instances of two animals superimposed like that,
>casually humping on my lawn one Saturday afternoon,
with no regard for the birth-control methods we hold dear,
>and *if* that were a common occurrence, how come
>*they* don't have their own Sitcom?  Is it because
Rupert Murdoch doesn't recognize the irony when
>there is only one set of bones?  How come the
>ribs that tip over Fred's car at the drive-in are
so expensive?  17 clams?  Get outta here!  Why do
>bones that are preserved always seem to be the
>best kind served with bar-b-q sauce?  Are my eyes the
kind that would deceive me with sundry images of your
>reptilian type?  And how did the feathers happen
>to fall out of my foam pillow?  Can I get I-Ching wands
with my order?  My wife loves them.  Would she be able
>to align just right with the dino bones?  Anyone
>care to tell me where my pants are?  Insurance agents
always end up with them, and believe me, I'm not
>making the claims that the archaeopteryx fossils
>did not wreck my car...well, they're just thieves and
thieves usually have poor taste in pants.  My pants
>are composites of two separate animals is not
>that clear?  I mean, wake up, Maggie!  I'm not just
talkin' jive, I'm about to get FUNKY!  Yes sir, I'm
>engaging in speculation, they are engaging at
>Saturday lawn-humpage!  Yes, my lawyers say I'm
best off pleading to copyright fraud instead of
>grasping at straws, any straw, in order to deny
>them the right to lobotomize me.  But they believe
in ghosts.  Bad, evil ghosts.  I suppose that's
>what their own two eyes are telling them.

Jesus Moriarty *  It's pronounced Hay-Zoos....
jesus@pcpostal.moc (Use a mirror, if necessary)

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