The "How Scientific Are You?" thread had acted as a trollerization.
"Suzanne" decided to enlighten us by explaining what was going on.

Subject:    Re: "How Scientific Are You?"
From:       "Suzanne"
Newsgroups: alt.archaeology,,,alt.religion.kibology
Date:       25 Nov 1998
Message-ID: <73hn6a$54j$>

Jesus Moriarty wrote in message <>...
>Captain Infinity wrote:
>>In and elsewhere
>>In article <>
>>Boikat wrote *some* of these things:
>>>Bob and Suzanne Kessler wrote:
>>>>      I had written that some thought the feathered dino.s
>>>>       could be several animals making it look like one,
>>>Apparently, you've not seen pictures of the
>>Abominable Bumblemuffin, one of the rare vegetarian
>meals often served to families of poverty-stricken
>>>dinosaurs with feathers from China.  There is no
>>better chop suey than this, and I say that without
>having tried any other brands.  Nothing's more blessed than
>>>ambiguity.  They are not multiple animals
>>like you find in boxes of Animal Crackers, one
>example of which being the lion or even the bear,
>>>superimposed one upon each other.  As for
>>pronouncing Earl, Fran, and Roy just a bunch of
>self-inflated egomaniacs who probably can't even define
>>>archaeopteryx, it's even more ludicrous to make
>>nutritional advisory suggestions based on
>the advice of cattle-farmers who originated
>>>that claim since there are six or seven
>>thousand calories per serving, and they're *small*
>examples of why we as human beings are no more than
>>>specimens.  You would not find six or seven
>>thousand calories on *my* lunch menu!  I remember
>that I have a tendency to lose said lunch after viewing
>>>instances of two animals superimposed like that,
>>casually humping on my lawn one Saturday afternoon,
>with no regard for the birth-control methods we hold dear,
>>>and *if* that were a common occurrence, how come
>>*they* don't have their own Sitcom?  Is it because
>Rupert Murdoch doesn't recognize the irony when
>>>there is only one set of bones?  How come the
>>ribs that tip over Fred's car at the drive-in are
>so expensive?  17 clams?  Get outta here!  Why do
>>>bones that are preserved always seem to be the
>>best kind served with bar-b-q sauce?  Are my eyes the
>kind that would deceive me with sundry images of your
>>>reptilian type?  And how did the feathers happen
>>to fall out of my foam pillow?  Can I get I-Ching wands
>with my order?  My wife loves them.  Would she be able
>>>to align just right with the dino bones?  Anyone
>>care to tell me where my pants are?  Insurance agents
>always end up with them, and believe me, I'm not
>>>making the claims that the archaeopteryx fossils
>>did not wreck my car...well, they're just thieves and
>thieves usually have poor taste in pants.  My pants
>>>are composites of two separate animals is not
>>that clear?  I mean, wake up, Maggie!  I'm not just
>talkin' jive, I'm about to get FUNKY!  Yes sir, I'm
>>>engaging in speculation, they are engaging at
>>Saturday lawn-humpage!  Yes, my lawyers say I'm
>best off pleading to copyright fraud instead of
>>>grasping at straws, any straw, in order to deny
>>them the right to lobotomize me.  But they believe
>in ghosts.  Bad, evil ghosts.  I suppose that's
>>>what their own two eyes are telling them.

PC Talk:
Well, do you mind if I tell you something?  I think you
formed sentences above with spaces in between,
but unless you put in a ">" between lines, in some
systems, the lines collapse, and all are wedged
together.  Also, you probably wrote this out, put it in
draft, and when you copied it, it added the ">'s" to the
beginning of your sentences.  The best way to get a
letter out of draft, if you have an e-mail window that does
not provide a way  is to go to "edit" above and click on
"select all" and then put your cursor on the now blackened
out text, right click on it and select "copy", then close out
that, (alternative if mouse supports it right click and choose
"select all" on the window that will come up on your screen
go to the newsgroup, and once in there click on
"Compose Message", and then paste what you have to
the new form that is presented to you, and erase the
heading in the part that you just pasted in.  Then be sure
that the Subject line has exactly the title of the thread you
are posting to in it, including the "Re:" :)
Because your post collapsed, I came along and read it
and concluded the guy who wrote it must surely be very,
very confused, what with all the random ">'s" everywhere,
and collapsed form.......and how do I know all this? It
happened to me one time.

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