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Date:       Wed, 1 Jul 1998
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JPo6531128 wrote:

>In "Sleeping in the Light",Sheridan will have all his old buds gather around to
>see him on Minbar one last time.Then, after the day is done, he will take off
>in a white star by himself so he can die alone.

...unmourned, and unloved, missing one ear, and never admitting the truth to
himself that he is really a hermaphrodite aardvark.

>First he will visit B5, which will be run by Zack (a job they gave him out of
>pity since he could get no other job because everyone found out that
>he______.(you know, that thing he did in his past that Garibaldi knew about?
 drove a taxi.

>The station has lost much importance at that point in time, which makes Zack's
>job an easy one.
>Sheridan then goes to the ___________na system, where he meets up with
>you-know-who. How do I know this is where he goes? First, I read it on another
     Jon "Bowzer" Bauman

>spoiler, secondly I looked at the list of episodes for season four and
>remembered the message KOSH had Zoe tell Lochley to give Sheridan-"When the

moon hits your eye like a big ol' spoo pie, that's amoré."  The day after the

>long night is over, return to the end of the beginning.
>"The long night" is the episode just before"Into the fire".Where were they in
>that episode? That's the place Kosh wanted Sheridan to go (incidentally the
>long night also represents Sheridan's last night of his life.
>"How will this end?" Emperor Turhan asked Kosh.Kosh responded,"IN FIRE !"
>Thus, the title of that episode signifies the "End of the beginning" - the
>beginning meaning that second age, where the last of the first ones still tried
>to shepherd the younger races.
>Sheridan will meet that special individual (not Kosh) in the system where the
>"beginning" age ended.
>Then, _____ will somehow turn Sheridan into energy or spirit or something (I am
   a giant Space Duck 

>unsure, but it is whatever Sheridan turned into in Londo's dream in "The long
>night of Londo Mollari".....HEY!...another "Long Night!"
>Then, Sheridan and ______ will go "beyond the rim" to whatever-the-heck lies
                Ivanova's tots

>between the galaxies.

Creamy white filling.  I always twist my galaxies apart before eating them.

>The ending credits slowly flash across the screen, with that ball of energy
>comprising Sheridan and ______ slowly flying away from the
                        Carol Ann from "Poltergeist"

>plays....."We had joy,we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, and the hills that
>we climbed were just seasons out of time..."(Seasons in the sun)...the song
>gets halfway over when the screen is squeezed by half and you hear Joe Bob
>Briggs announcing a Monstervision marathon on TNT featuring "Saturn 3" and
>"Outland" manages.

A few million bucks don't hurt none, either.

>.....Oh, yeah,the CRUSADE spoiler....sometime late in season one, a special
>cameo of Jerry Doyle may happen....where he finally gets revenge on Bester.

By putting a crawly bug in his ear and reciting bad "Moby Dick" quotes.

>Apparently, he finds a way to shut off the neural block in his head that kept

the loose marbles from rolling around.  Sideshow Bob steps in and prevents

>him from harming Bester, and he arranges for a kidnapping on Mars....someone
>speculated that Quentin Tarentino would cameo as Bester's Psi cop buddy, and
>that would be cool, but one can hope....anyway, Garibaldi shoots QT in the

[censored] and then gives him

>head, and knocks Bester out and pumps him full of sleepers.
>Bester awakens in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Syria Planum, and he's


>duct-taped to a chair, with his mouth taped up,too.
>Garibaldi turns on a radio and on it is the song "Stuck in the Middle with
>you.." Garibaldi then whips out a strait-razor and cuts off Bester's right

[censored].  Then he uses tweezers to pluck the grey hairs out of his

>ear...then his knee-caps....then Garibaldi douses him with gasoline and says
>"How about a little FIRE, scarecrow?" and lights Alfie boy ablaze.
>Michael Garibaldi savors the aroma of Bester's roasting flesh, and then stone
>cold walks away.....
>Interesting point-in B5, a lot of things end "IN FIRE"(Kosh).

Captain Infinity
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