Subject:    Re: It's snowin' and I'm feeling smug
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Wed, 10 Mar 1999
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Once Upon A Time,
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Sergey Bukhman wrote *some* of these things:

>I only remember 3 times in my life where I was around snow. One is when I was

trapped in one of those little globes.  My family kept shaking me until I was

>about 7 years old, back in the USSR (you don't know how lucky you are...) and

then one day my sister dropped me, the globe shattered, I hit my head, and now

>the only clear memory I have is getting my boots full of snow and playing with

myself in the backyard.  The neighbors got quite upset and threatened to sue

>my father and brother. When I came home my mother was all fussy about us

playing naked in the yard.  But hey, she'd do it until she started moaning and

>getting all wet.

So where's the fairness, I ask you!  Bah!  Christmas is a bunk holiday!

>The other two times are more recent. 96 and 97. 96 was when we went on our

annual journey to Stonehenge to perform the ritual sacrifices.  Then we took a

>second trip to the States and stopped in Canada on the way. I remember that

the "blue plate special" was always Baked Beaver, in every diner.  Anyway, the

>skiing was great fun, but my mother couldn't get the hang of it. We all

stood around her, laughing, every time she fell.  I don't know why she still

>enjoyed that time, though.
>Third time was on my 11th grade class trip to Mt. Hermon, North Israel. I

giggled at how small the mountain was.  "Pee Wee Hermon" I called it.  I

>remember it all very clearly, and it was probably one of the best memories

I have, now that the shock therapy sessions have erased the rest.  That's all

>I'll ever have, the types of which I'll be coming back to all my life,

are the ones that the electricity missed.  That single memory will keep me

>chuckling and remembering "The good old times". Everyone had fun and we even

played "bury Dad in the snow".  Next year we plan to go dig him up.  Unless we

>had some snowfall. Actually, it was so strong that they closed the site

for about an hour, so they could count the cash receipts.  They made a million

>earlier than expected. But we were all exhausted and satisfied, sitting at the

station playing "I Spy".  Mine was "I spy, with my little eye, a drunk at the

>back of the bus talking, yelling, playing cards and having fun the way only

he can.  Feeling like a dead duck, spitting out pieces of his broken luck, as

>11th graders on a school trip can.

Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHHHH!  AQUALUNG!!"  They kicked me out of the car, then.  Jerks!

>Three experiences with snow. Each, on a different continent, in a different

leotard, each a different shade of purple, to match my bruises.  Each a new

>country and a different environment. And I'll remember them all.


Captain Infinity

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