Subject:    Re: It's snowin' and I'm feeling smug
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Message-ID: <>

Once Upon A Time,
In article >7dmcnb$qjf$> wrote *some* of these things:

>  Well, I think the captain blackballed me.  Too bad in a way, but I think I

have a nice ensemble going now, what with the blackchain.  My alter-ego

>may not have the time to keep up the obligations of membership,  I never got

to eat enough white paste as a child.  Today I projected my Astral Body

>through to the first faq, and the last faq sheet seemed more obsessive-

it demanded that I pay attention, but I'm out of cash!  The cabal is less

>compulsive than I'm used to.  I understood and appreciated the explanation

of how PMS can adversely affect Lucid Dreaming.  I dreamt about the B.J.

>the female type -Lisa?- gave though.  Completely lucid, without being rigid.

Such are the ups and downs of a sex life that exists only in my Dreams.

>I'm on a couple of newsgroups dejanews is proposing now.  One is a Christian

Fellowship where all the posters type in Aramaic.  The other is an online

>Community with about 500 posts a day, many sent over from alt.atheism.  They

wear their pants with PRIDE! so they deserve whatever they get.  We at

>(alt.atheism) crosspost a lot to alt.rec.mensa, too, so their name is already

confused with atheimensatruation.  I lost my grip on my last tampon and

>smeared all over my newsgroup list.  Atheists have no sense of humor or

sense of balance, so they're falling-down not-funny.  My left-brain has no

>understanding of the absurd whatsoever.  The other is a humor community with

a lot of Dwarf-bowling, and weekly keggers.  My favorite kind of group has

>no posts in it whatsoever.  Maybe tom could get something started there? 

If you ever see him, tell him I said "Hi, you bubblehead!"  Thanks.

Captain Infinity

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