From:       Captain Infinity
Date:       Wed, 30 Aug 2000
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Once Upon A Time,
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Patricia Wadley wrote *some* of the following:

>I didn't know there was gonna be a quiz.  No body said nothin about no

pants!  I'll have to remove my pants to take the "why is my underwear

>stinkin quiz.  You gotta warn us first.  We didn't know we were supposed

to swim backwards and wear meatloaf in our hair.  I forced my evil twin

>to read all this stuff.  It ain't fair.  You shoulda told us.  I don't

have legs, because I'm a mermaid.  I smell like fish.  Most fish I know

>want to read this stuff.  But they made me, they didn't think I knew,

they didn't think I CARED!  BASTARDS!  The oysters all tried to clam up

>but I knew, I knew about the strawberries but they thought I didn't

have shortcake shells. It was true; I only had snailshells. Why? I don't

>know, but I did and I was glad of it.  They thought they hid it very

craftily in the octopuses garden, but Ringo could never sing all that

>well, but i knew that no matter what they did they wouldn't be able to

get down from an elephant.  Now my evil plan is working, and no one can

>stop me. A pure heart is above all, and tastes better than rotten liver.

Captain Infinity
 ..."I've got Loverboy's 'Working for the Weekend' stuck in mine."

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