Subject:    Re: I am staying and a huge thank you
From:       Lori
Date:       Fri, 07 Apr 2000
Message-ID: <38ee0297.14858482@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

Dan Tropea wrote some of this:

>Ok i am still writing e-mail thank you letters. But  have decided to

stop because I have a "friend" visiting me.  I hope I can get her to

>stay. I do want to state that i will not reveal the persons name. I

think it's none of your business.  In fact, stop reading this!!  I

>find that a violation of privacy.

>I cannot believe how many people here do like and do not despise me. I

think it's because I finally took a shower.  Aaah.  A little birdie

>was told that i was despised at tom-servo. Well i got a lot of e-mails

from that birdie and boy was he mad!  So he fired me and now nobody is

>supporting me. You do not know how happy i am.

>I think this mornings post was partially do to depression. I am finding

a lot of spare change under my couch cushions.  And food!  You'd think

>that i have been rather hypersensitive to issues that a few months ago

only gave me botulism, like this ostrich meat, which got me so sick

>i would have fought back on - like this.


>To quote Sally Fields who i think is one of the sweetest actresses

especially when she is covered in chocolate sauce, yelling and running

>around "you like me, you really like me". Thats how i feel now with

my new "friend".  Are you jealous?  Even a little?  I know reading my

>e-mail i have been .

>Some of you dislike me. Too bad. Not everyone likes everyone.

Especially with chocolate sauce.  Try Tabasco instead.  Better now?


"Life was not easy for Mr. Hole,
While 5 different colored armies battled
for which Nintendo 64 to buy,
leaving him isolated and restless,
when it came to compassion for little
worms, they were one." - Riboflavin D. Monkey

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