Subject:    Re: SWPM seeks Miss Right
From: (Captain Infinity)
Date:       Fri, 28 Nov 1997
Message-ID: <3492475e.24297101@nntp.netcruiser>

In article <>
"B. in Cincinnati" wrote :

>Looking for that special someone to capture mt heart. I'm tired of

my heart running free and soiling the carpet.  It always annoys me by

>playing games, going to clubs and bars, and wasting my time with people

that smell bad, refuse to bathe, fart in public, pick their noses, and

>who don't know who or what they want.  My perfect lady would be

a man in drag, with hairy legs and armpits.  Not someone who is

>intelligent, honest, attractive, and have a good sense of humor.  As for

drugs:  I'll snort, smoke, or shoot anything.  Because I despise

>myself, I'm 24, 6' tall, 170 lbs. with blue eyes, sandy hair, and an

enormous hairy wart on my backside.  I'm disgusting.  I wish I had an

>athletic body.  I enjoy traveling, sports, and concerts, as well as

collecting roadkill on dark, lonely country roads.  I cook 'em up for

>candlelit dinners and quiet nights at home.  If I sound like what you're

scraping off the bottom of your shoe, I am.  I'm what the police are

>looking for, drop me a note.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Captain Infinity

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