Subject:    Re: Clinton why would he veto a tax cut?
From: (Captain Infinity)
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Date:       Mon, 9 Aug 1999
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Once Upon A Time,
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DARNELL HOWARD wrote *some* of the following:

>The reason President Clinton will veto a tax cut is that he is the chief

of a lost Indian tribe.  From India!  The medicine man (Larry Storch) is an

>architect of managerial liberalism. The adherents of the

Columbia School of Broadcasting's six-hour mini-course about Argentina's

>bureaucratic-welfare state, almost all of the representatives of both

sides of the Shadow War, PLUS the Centauri, if they'll leave all their

>parties, are not really serious about cutting off the ocean of revenue

with giant scissors made of Play-Doh.  My "Easy Bake Oven" kept scents

>flowing in their direction and endanger their position in  the political

Battle Of The Century!!  To the DEATH!!  Ringside seats will go to the

>elite, and the perquisites of power and wealth that go along with

winning a fixed fight!  Whoa, MAMA!  I'd make some real BIG BUCKS if I had

>membership in that group.  Accountants, lawyers, economists, may toss 

their cookies in my lap BUT I DON'T CARE!  I have an extra suit with

>about as many figures and stats as they wish to the citizenry, but it

stays on the hanger until I'm ready to wear it.  Such a lavish wardrobe

>really is money=power in politics today.

Captain Infinity

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